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How to Recruit Stage Magician in Watch Dogs Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion is full of surprises, certain characters are exciting enough to try at least once. Like the old Grand Mother's or Grannies.

Some of the characters in Watch Dogs Legion are unique and interesting. Like the veterans, who comes with some special abilities. But with restrictions, and in this article will discuss how to recruit Grannies in Watch Dogs Legion. Where to find grannies and which is the best one in the game. With over 9 million characters you will find similar clones, characters with common physical attributes and skills. Not all are good enough to play missions, you will have to pick the best operatives only.

Where to find the Stage Magician in Watch Dogs Legion?


Look around in parks, you will commonly find old people strolling around for some fresh air. You can also find them commonly on the streets and near the shops. I am going to recommend two Grannies you must recruit in Watch Dogs Legion. One is a magician and can be easily found during the night time. The second is a retired boxer, she comes with a special ability to Knock Out punches.

The only problem with Grannies is they are slow, they cannot run fast, and lack the strength to climb. They get knocked out fast if caught in an attack, but it is fun to play with them. For example, the Stage Magician granny can hypnotize enemies and turn them against each other. Some of their skills are very handy and useful in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to recruit a Granny in Watch Dogs Legion?

You can find the Stage Magician on the streets during the night time. Look on the streets near the subway late evening. You will find the old lady showing her magical skills in ongoing people. It’s her way to earn a living and she is not a fan of DedSec. Before you add her to your recruitment list, go through the objectives to add her to your Team. After completing the investigation for her on Albion Shipment you will have to track her down.


Stage Magician Granny is best to turn on enemies on each other. It is a useful ability to use against guarded soldiers. You can easily create chaos by hypnotizing a guard who will then start attacking his fellow guards. This is one of the special grannies you can find in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion Hire Granny

The second one is a former boxer. Can be found on streets, search for an old lady with hats. She comes with the ability to fast knockout opponents. Being old does not mean she is weak, she can take damages. The problem with her is she comes with absolutely no mobility. With no cover and no sprint power, she is more prone to take damage directly on her face. So when you are playing as a Granny try to kill enemies in stealth only.


Recruiting operatives is a kind of way to modify the game difficulty settings. If you choose a Granny then games become more challenging. But still, for certain missions, you will have to change your operative and use a stronger one. Till the time do not forget to scan through our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide.