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Watch Dogs Legion Best Playable Character Guide

With over 90 Million APC (All Playable Character) to choose from, here are some tips on best operatives.

Watch Dogs Legion is a huge game with tons of playable operatives. In a simple world, the entire city is playable, with over 90 million characters it is a tiring job to find the best one. In this guide, I am going to share some tips on the best playable characters in Watch Dogs Legion and why. As you progress in the main story the game gets more challenging. Other than hacking there are armed guards, drones, to deal with. There are few operatives that come in the list of best characters in Watch Dogs Legion.

Best playable characters in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion does not restrict you to a single personality. If you want more challenges why not try playing as an old lady. With a slow movement, no sprinting, and lack of mobility she can be something different and weird to try in Watch Dogs Legion. But if you are a serious DedSec member then you need the pros. I am listing out all the best playable characters in Watch Dogs Legion and why they must be recruited at all costs.

Constructions Worker:

A construction worker is a handy operative in Watch Dogs Legion. When you start playing you will come across the main mission of recruiting a construction worker. You will unlock the operative at the very start of the game. Construction Worker is the best beginner operative in Watch Dogs Legion.


Because it has a strong melee weapon a wrench. Ideal for close combat, hitting with the wrench is easy to break down the enemy in few hits. And second, a Construction Worker can summon a drone anytime in the game. It is highly useful to reach remote locations that others cannot. For example, you can instantly skip all the surveillance and land on the roof of a building to hack a terminal.

Albion Guard:

An Albion Guard is a part of a private military a soldier with some really useful skills. It will be unlocked later in the game, but to save your time to check the video above. We have shown the main mission which requires to recruit the Albion Guard in Watch Dogs Legion.


An Albion guard has a strong combat skill and holds an assault rifle. Ideal for penetrating red zones, the soldier can take on tough enemies. When you are playing as an Albion Guard you will feel stronger, but you have to plan your exit. Not like the Construction Worker who can summon a drone, jump on it, and run away.

Hitman & Spy:

The Hitman is another strong character with good combat. This character is like the John Wick of Watch Dogs Legion. With few punches, you can take down any strong guard in your way. But finding the Hitman is not easy, neither recruiting the operative. Because it involves the mission to free some prisoners from an underground prison. This is not easy to find, check our video learn how to recruit a hitman in Watch Dogs Legion.


A paramedic has an ambulance at its disposal. This operative can summon this vehicle anytime and comes with uniform access and a shock weapon. The paramedic is kind of a strong character in Watch Dogs Legion. The recruitment mission is simple, is just finding someone and done.

With these, there are a few more awesome operatives in Watch Dogs Legion. For that, you can check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide.