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Watch Dogs Legion All 9 City of Westminster Paste Up Locations Guide

You can increase the defiance of City of Westminster by spray painting all 9 locations. This also unlocks a exclusive operative.

Paste Up is one of the side-activities in Watch Dogs Legion. A kind of collectibles mission where you spray paint DedSec propaganda on the walls of key structures. Paste Up missions increase Defiance in the rising, encouraging the citizens to trust DeSec and stand against Albion. It is an important activity of Watch Dogs Legion and in this guide, I will be sharing all 9 Paste Up Locations of the City of Westminster.

City of Westminster All Paste Up Locations

There are 9 Paste Up buildings in the City of Westminster in Watch Dogs Legion. The best operative to complete this objective is a construction worker. Because of his ability to summon a cargo drone, you can reach key areas faster and hack the massive displays. By painting, all 9 locations will unlock Spy in Watch Dogs Legion. This skilled operative will be available only after painting all 9 key areas. Here is the map screenshot of each Paste Up Location in the City of Westminster.

Watch Dogs Paste Up - City of Westminster

For the first one go south of the DedSec headquarter. Follow the map screenshot and look into the interior for a billboard. Use a Cargo Drone to reach the spot and complete the Paste Up objective.

Watch Dogs Paste Up - City of Westminster

Travel towards the North East of DedSec Headquarters into a Red Zone. The Paste-Up billboard is on the backside of a building. Easy to locate if you are using a cargo drone or else you will have to walk from the garden side.

Watch Dogs Paste Up - City of Westminster

The third paste-up location in the City of Westminster is easier to locate. Just walk towards the bridge and look at one of the walls on the left side.

Watch Dogs Paste Up - City of Westminster

The fourth Paste Up location is near the Nation Gallery. It is the wall of Nation Gallery, and easy to notice. Just follow the marker and you will find a billboard.

Watch Dogs Paste Up - City of Westminster

Towards the west of the city in between the buildings search for a LED display. It is fairly visible from the streets, and the paste-up location is on the left of that billboard.


The next is a little more inside the city towards the center of the City of Westminster. The billboard is located in China Town, in a restricted zone. Look for a signboard with Chinese text on it.


Go to Convent Garden Pizza and look for a locked zone. A fenced area with a wooden board, you can break it using a wrench. The wall to paint is on the back of the area.

Watch Dogs Paste Up - City of Westminster

Head to Throne’s Felts restricted area in the City of Westminster for another paste-up location. Refer to the map for the exact location, it is next to a column.

This was all the Paste Up Locations in Watch Dogs Legion. Stay tuned for more updates and refer our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide for more tips and tricks, collectibles locations, etc.