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Watch Dogs Legion: How To Buy Cars (Answered)

Wondering how to buy cars, get your answers here.

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs Legion has finally released after a long wait. The game allows you to recruit anyone to DedSec and play as them. All the operatives you recruit have their set of advantages and disadvantages, and a few of them even have their own cars. This may arise an urge of having a personal vehicle for all your special and favorite operatives in the game. If you are wondering how to buy cars in Watch Dogs Legion, this guide is for just that very purpose.

How to Buy Cars in Watch Dogs Legion


Unfortunately, there is no potential way to buy cars in Watch Dogs Legion. The only way to get a car in the game is by recruiting operatives who already have their personal car. Usually, some special class operatives who are hard to recruit will have cars. You can use the deep profiler to get proper guidance for easily recruiting any NPC, even the ones who have negative opinions about DedSec.

how to purchase cars in watch dogs legion

You might not be able to purchase your own car, but the game does allow you to paint your car for customization purposes. There are multiple skin options that you can purchase for a car. You will require a huge amount of ETO to purchase new skins as they can range from 580 to 23,560 ETOs. Refer to our Watch Dogs Legion infinite money cheat guide for help to get unlimited ETOs.


Can I At Least Save Cars in Watch Dogs Legion?

Unfortunately, you cannot even save cars in Watch Dogs Legion. Unlike other open-world games like GTA, Watch Dogs Legion doesn’t feature a personal garage where you can hold on to a personal favorite car. The only way to save a car is through recruits who have a personal vehicle option.

You will get a car based on the operative you recruit. However, if you want a personal car badly, then the best way to go for it is by liberating the City of Westminster borough. When you defiant the borough, you will start a mission that will get a spy for your team. This spy will have a spy car along with other accessories. Now, you can easily play as the spy and summon your invisible spy car whenever you want.


That’s everything you need to know about how to buy cars in Watch Dogs Legion. While here, you can read our guide on how to unlock Anarchist. Anarchist is one of the best operatives in Watch Dogs Legion with several unique and special abilities.