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Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode: Is Co-op Available?

If you are wondering if Watch Dogs: Legion has multiplayer - co-op or competitive - get your answers right here.

If you are planning to buy this exciting new title from Ubisoft, you may be wondering – does Watch Dogs Legion have Multiplayer mode? Since the game has a vast open world that you can explore, wouldn’t it be fun to play co-op missions with friends? Well, the good news is that Watch Dogs Legion has a co-op multiplayer mode but not at launch on October 29th. Here’s more on this.

Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode: Is there Co-op?


The Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer mode will be available in December as a part of an update. December 3, 2020 to be specific. With multiplayer-related changes in a separate open world, the developers have created an immersive environment for players. There will be faster hacking, a different recruiting experience and some more changes. Instead of doing recruiting missions (single-player) you can simply hire people in multiplayer by using influence that you earn which is much more efficient in this scenario. Then you can do your assignments alone or complete co-op missions. Plus, highly coordinated players will be rewarded. Overall, you can rest assured that it will be optimized for multiplayer-style gameplay.

The multiplayer world will be separate from the single player campaign but some elements will mix into each other. It has been called “parallel to the main campaign” but the devs don’t want to spoil too much yet. When more details are revealed post-launch, we will update this guide.

Does Watch Dogs: Legion have a Competitive mode?

Yes! You can customize your spiderbot and enter a battle with 7 other players. There will be multiple maps and within each match there will be weapon pick-ups. There will be leaderboards which will surely add a good reason to bring the competitiveness up a notch. The spiderbot battles mode will be available at launch.

Watch Dogs Legion is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia as well as PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more hidden tips and tricks, don’t miss our Watch Dogs: Legion guides on Gamer tweak.