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How to arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion

Here's a quick guide on how to arrest characters in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion is here and it has plenty of playable characters, each one of them boasts a unique ability that helps players to arrest other NPCs. If you have been having trouble to get justice in the game then here’s a guide covering how to arrest characters in Watch Dogs: Legion. 

How to place characters under arrest in Watch Dogs: Legion


In order to arrest characters in Watch Dogs Legion, you need to recruit a police officer first. You can easily find Policemen and Policewomen patrolling the streets of London. You can recruit them as DedSec Operatives by approaching them and completing their recruitment mission.

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Now, you will have to switch to controlling the police officer and equip their handcuffs from the weapon wheel, make sure to follow on-screen prompt to arrest them while approaching an NPC from the back.


Arrested characters in Watch Dogs Legion are effectively neutralized, so it is a great way to handcuff enemies to non-lethally deal with foes. Apart from DedSec Operatives, you can also arrest civilians in the game.

If you free arrested characters in Watch Dogs Legion, they will thank you for doing this favour. Notably, the same would not work as a sneaky way to win favour with potential recruits.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to arrest characters and what does arresting characters do in Watch Dogs Legion. While you are here, be sure to check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to know more.