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Watch Dogs Legion Photo Mode: How To Use

Using the photo mode in Watch Dogs: Legion is very easy. Here's how to take pictures with this tool. Access & save your memories via photos.

The Photo mode is a much-expected feature in games these days and Watch Dogs: Legion isn’t far behind. While you are busy hacking, trying to get into restricted areas or wearing a cute outfit, you can decide to preserve the memory by taking a picture. Don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry! Here’s how to use Photo Mode in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to Take Pictures Using Photo Mode in Watch Dogs: Legion



It is a simple process to use photo mode in Watch Dogs Legion – it involves pressing and holding up on the D-pad. This will open up the Ability Wheel. After that you can press the Triangle button (PS4) and the Y button (Xbox One). This was for console players but what about PC players? The process is even simpler. You can initiate Photo Mode in Watch Dogs Legion on PC by simply pressing F2 on the keyboard.

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Now that you know how to get this mode started, you can adjust the angle and customize the photo to make it look even better. Some best moments to take a photo is when your character is doing something funny, talking to an NPC, or just wearing a cool outfit in a particular location. Plus, you can take photo evidence to gain defiance against Albion.

When you start the Photo mode, you can move around the camera, change the advanced settings and more. Manipulate the brightness, focus, depth of field and whatever you want to enhance. Then all there’s left to do is to take a picture.

That’s everything on how to use the Photo Mode in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you are here, don’t miss our latest Watch Dogs Legion wiki guides like how to make money, how to break enemy guard, change character appearance and lots more. We will be covering this game even more so stay with Gamer Tweak!