How To Break Enemy Defense In Watch Dogs Legion

This is how to break enemy guard and lower their defense position in Watch Dogs: Legion.

If you end up facing off with opponents who put their hands up while protecting themselves from hits, you need to know how to break enemy guard in Watch Dogs Legion. There is a certain trick that will come in handy while you are trying to get their guard down and attack them relentlessly. Here’s how to make that happen.

Watch Dogs: Legion: How to Break Enemy Guard or Defense


In order to break enemy guard in Watch Dogs Legion, you have to press Y/Triangle on Xbox One/PS4. This will force them to lower their guard and you will automatically punch them too. At this point, you can unleash a series of punches which will eventually take them down. Make sure to use this trick only when their guard is up because if you do it otherwise, the enemy will push you and stagger you. You will end up being vulnerable to attacks so be careful. Don’t use it when your enemy is not defending themselves, because it will put you at risk instead.

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So go ahead and break enemy guard in Watch Dogs Legion whenever they have their fists up. We hope this cleared your doubt and you are able to perform enemy takedowns easily.

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