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Where to find street artist in Watch Dogs Legion?

You will often find Street artists redecorating the walls of the building

There are various kinds of operatives that you can recruit in Watch Dogs Legion. One such operative is Street artist. The best thing about Street Artists is they all have a paintball gun, which is non-lethal and silent, making it easier for you to kill enemies from distance.

Since Stree Artists are one of the best operatives to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion, finding them in the game is not too easy. However, if you have been having trouble finding Street Artists location in Watch Dogs Legion then this guide will explain the same in the simplest way possible.

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Where to find Street artist in Watch Dogs Legion?

In order to find any operative in Watch Dog Legion, you should know their appearance. When it comes to Street Artists, you can easily recognise them because they all wear a full-face gas mask. You will often find them redecorating the walls of the building. If you notice graffiti on the wall, it is likely that Street artist will pay a visit at any moment.

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We found Street Artist on the western edge of Camden, near the GBB House building. Notably, we found them at night and they probably appear at night only due to the illicit nature of their trade. If you are playing in a day mode but you can’t wait to find them then you can you change time and get your hands on Street Artist.

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Once you have found your Street Artist, you simply need to do a short recruitment mission. Considering their profession, Street artists are usually inclined to have positive feelings towards DedSec, so there is no deep profiling needed.

That’s basically all you need to know about where to find Street Artist in Watch Dogs Legion. For more information about Watch Dogs Legion, hit our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide.