How To Speed Up And Change Time In Watch Dogs: Legion

You can pass time in Watch Dogs: Legion but it isn't straightforward. You will need to manipulate in-game mechanics, check how to pass time

You can pass time in Watch Dogs: Legion but the game does not make it explicitly clear on how to do it, there are tons of advantages to pass the time in the game and if you wish to know how to do it exactly, all you have to do is read the rest of this guide.

How To Skip Time In Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion has an in-game clock that closely resembles real-world scenarios. If you wish to speed up time and or change the in-game time there’s a simple trick that you will need to use. You will have to first unlock the Deep Profiler Skill. Once you’ve done that you will then need to approach any potential operative and save them as a recruit.

As soon as you’re done with this, enter the team menu and take your cursor over the new potential recruit that you just added. This should be in the bottom left of the screen in the game. Select Deep Profile and look for their schedule.

It is necessary that you get the Deep Profiler skill in Watch Dogs: Legion because without it you won’t be able to pass time in the game.

how to pass time watch dogs legion

This will show you a bunch of time of when and where they will be, select the one that works for you and press investigate. You will need to find the location on the map yourself, mark it, and reach it by yourself.

But, as soon as you get there the game will prompt you to ask if you wish to forward the time to the slot you’ve chosen. Press the button prompted and you’ll successfully forward the time. That’s all there is to do to pass the time.

You can then proceed to recruit the person you traveled to meet or you can just let them go, the choice is yours but this will help you start particular missions immediately instead of waiting for hours for the in-game clock.

While passing the time in Watch Dogs: Legion is great and all, the best thing in the game is the Invisible Car that can instantly make you feel like James Bond, and if that wasn’t enough you can recruit a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion with their awesome abilities and perks too. Check everything out right now only on Gamer Tweak.