Watch Dogs Legion: How To Surrender

Surrender yourself if you don't want to let your operative die.

You can recruit and play as anyone in the recently released open-world game Watch Dogs Legion. The game is located in the City of London, where mysterious terrorists and some opportunists have taken over the city. You have to make London free of all these enemies. While on your journey to rescuing London, you might encounter scenarios where surrendering will be better than letting your operative die on the battlefield. But how will you do that? Here’s how to surrender in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to Surrender in Watch Dogs Legion

While playing with permadeath mode on in Watch Dogs Legion, you will always have an option to surrender at the end of a lost fight. The two options you will get will be to either continue to fight or surrender. From here, you can hit L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox One to surrender.

watch dogs legion permadeath surrender

The recruitment mechanics bring a lot of engagement to the game. However, you can only have a limited number of operatives in your team. Hence, you might want to sometimes willingly eliminate your operative and let him or her die. That’s when you can opt to continue the fight.

If you choose to surrender in Watch Dogs Legion, your operative will end up in jail. You can then release the operatives systematically or wait for them to be released automatically. However, if you choose to continue to fight, your operative will die and there will be an empty slot available for you to recruit new NPCs.

That’s all we have got to tell you about how to surrender in Watch Dogs Legion. While here, you can read our customization guides to tweak the appearance of your characters and cars in the game. We have covered guides on how to get pig masks and buy cars in Watch Dogs Legion.