How To Unlock Defalt Mask In Watch Dogs: Legion

Defalt mask in Watch Dogs: Legion can be found by jumping in the London River. Check out how to exactly find and unlock Defalt mask in WDL

Defalt mask in Watch Dogs: Legion is one of the most sought-after masks as it was featured in earlier installments of the game as it was worn by the evil DJ. This makes sense that a lot of people have been wondering about how to get the Defalt mask in Watch Dogs: Legion. If you want to know how to get the Defalt mask, make sure that you read the rest of this guide.

How to get the mask under London Bridge in Watch Dogs Legion

Defalt might still be alive in Watch Dogs: Legion but leaving that aside, you still can get your hands on the hidden Defalt mask if you wish to. All you have to do is scan the QR codes that you see in London. Some of these codes will give you the message saying “0/6 Find my private party @2AM”. Once you do this, scan the ctOS terminal found at Roberts & Scott Hall. To get this mask you will have to get to the north of the river near Cannon Street Station.

where to find defalt mask location watch dogs legion

Once you exit the station, take a turn and go south until you get to the river, look for Staroger Coffee shop, towards its right there will be an archway. Enter through it and on the right, you will see stairs leading into the water. Jump into the water and move left until you come to the end of the wall, with a closed-door on it.

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How to Change Time in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is a semi-circle shaped door and you will be able to unlock it only by getting close to it and if the time is 2 AM. Enter it and it will take you to the location where you can get the Defalt Mask in Watch Dogs: Legion.

While waiting for the right time can be a bit boring and might result in you missing out on a lot of things, we’ve discovered a trick that allows you to skip time to whatever you want it to be.

Coming back to the Defalt mask location enter this passageway and will jump into the river at the right time, this will reveal a metal door. Enter through this place and will lead you up to the party, this is where you will find the mask under the DJ table.

Want more help then watch this video, we had covered step by step details on how to unlock the mask under the London Bridge in Watch Dogs Legion.