Can You Create Your Own Character In Watch Dogs Legion (Answered)

Wondering if or not you can create your own character in Watch Dogs Legion. Follow this guide and you will get your answers.

You will find yourself playing as a member of DedSec in Watch Dogs Legion. The Ubisoft developed and published game allows you to recruit any person on the streets of London to DedSec. You can then step into the shoes of any recruited member and use them to complete any mission. This feature of acquiring any member in the team and playing as them arises a very important question, can you create your own character in Watch Dogs Legion? This guide is just for that, it will give you the answer and discuss other related details.

Watch Dogs Legion: Can You Create Your Own Character?

The point blanc answer is a big NO, you cannot create your own character in Watch Dogs Legion. Being said that, the game does allow you to customize the appearance of character so that you can at least teak how they look. However, there is only so much that you can do about customization as well.

You cannot change the physical appearance or traits such as the face, hair, and physique of your character. But you can change the clothing and outfits of your character along with some other accessories such as masks. Refer to our guide on how to change character appearance in Watch Dogs Legion to get more details about it.

So now you know the answer that you can not create your own character in Watch Dogs Legion. If you are willing to get an answer to other questions about the game, you can refer to our Watch Dogs Legion wiki page. This page will provide answers to all your questions such as how long to beat the game or can you play as the Queen. Having these details will certainly enhance your experience playing Watch Dogs Legion as you will know what is the best thing to do while saving London city.