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Watch Dogs Legion Mission List: All Main Missions & How to Complete Them

Watch Dogs Legion has a different main missions which are unlocked as you progress in the game. Refer to this article for all Watch Dogs Legion Main Missions.

Watch Dogs Legion has five primary targets. Each controls a part of London City, clearing their influence over the regions increases will make your resistance stronger. All Watch Dogs Legion Main Missions are divided into killing these five primary targets. In this article, you can get a list of all Watch Dogs Legion Main missions. This will help you to find understand the overall gameplay hours.

Watch Dogs Legion Mission List


Watch Dogs Legions Main Missions List

The game begins with a short Prologue mission where you will see how DedSec is trapped in a conspiracy of destroying the entire city. Marked as Terrorist, all DedSec members were hunted down and assassinated. After the prologue mission, you will have to complete the following Main mission to unlock the DedSec base.

  • Operation Westminster
  • Restart DedSec


Chapter – Squad Goals

This is the first chapter of Watch Dogs Legion. This includes hiring some of the key operatives to begin your fight against the Albion. Click the links to watch the entire walkthrough of all missions.


You will unlock the Construction Worker Operative in Reporting for Duty Mission. You can check our guide on Best Playable Characters in Watch Dogs Legion.

Chapter – Body Snatchers

This is the second main chapter of Watch Dogs Legion and here you will be introduced to gangster Clan Kelley. She controls one of the prominent regions of London City. Here is the list of Main Missions you will play under this main chapter.

  • Lost in the Process
  • Clan Kelley’s New Export
  • Bloody Mary Kelley


Chapter – Zero Tolerance

The chapter that introduces the Albion tin Watch Dogs Legion. A private military group who is controlling the entire city. In Zero Tolerance you will have to locate Hamish Bolaji who will be a key person in breaking the roots of Albion.

  • Gap in the Armour
  • Inside Albion
  • Recruit An Albion Guard
  • Stealing Schemes
  • In the Belly of the Beast

404 Chapter – Family Business

In Family Business Chapter you will have to locate a secret hacker’s organization called “404”. A kind of allies for DedSec is necessary to sort things out.

  • Initiate Sequence
  • 404 Not Found
  • Coming Home
  • Into the Void

Chapter – Spy Games

This chapter introduces SIRS (London, Signals Intelligence Response) in Watch Dogs Legion. An organization that controls the entire surveillance of the city. You will learn more about Zero-Day here.

  • The Whistleblower
  • Espionage 101
  • Honey Trap
  • Hunting Zero-Day
  • Smoking Gun
  • Kill Box
  • The Malik Dossier
  • Barbarians at The Gate

Chapter – Down the Darkweb

You will be returning to Clan Kelly in this chapter. Trace the leader Mary Keller with Detective Kaitlin Lau to put an end to the clan.

  • Crashing the Auction
  • Market Closing
  • Falling From Grace

Chapter – True Colours

Back to Albion, in this chapter, you will have Hamish on your side. You will be gathering some evidence to permanently damage Albion in Watch Dogs Legion.

  • Restoking the Fire
  • Nigel’s Close Shave
  • Defanging The Flock
  • Justice4Claire
  • London’s Protectors

Chapter – London Rising

In the final chapter you will the secret of Zero-Day. The face behind fall of London City.

  • DedSec Party
  • The Face of the Enemy
  • Hard Reset

With main missions there lot of side quest, collectible missions and recruitment missions in Watch Dogs Legion. You can check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to know more.