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Want help in playing RE Village, then check this Wiki guide. Updated every day with fresh tips and tricks, puzzle solutions, boss fight tips, and more.

Resident Evil is back with a cool story, this timing taking the old-school path you thrive to stay alive amongst vampires and werewolves. Resident Evil Village the latest edition focus on a village scenario devastated by monsters, who make you bite your tongue. Do you think you are good enough to survive on your own then be ready to get bitten? In this Resident Evil Village wiki guide you will learn various tips and tricks, hacks, how-to tips, boss fight tips, crafting tips, etc that will help you to survive and deal with new challenges in the game. Do not forget to check this RE Village Wiki every day.

Resident Evil Village Wiki

The wiki is divided into different sections where you can pick from beginners to advance level tips and tricks. This wiki will also help you to explore more and craft important items along with tips and tricks on how to beat bosses.

Beginners Guides:

  1. Who Are The Daughters Of Lady Dumitrescu? – Wondering about the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village? Make sure to check it out right here.
  2. Should You Play Resident Evil 7 First? – Does RE Biohazard has a link with Resident Evil Village?
  3. Where To Find The Merchant? – The Duke is a merchant in Resident Evil Village who will offer you useful items. Check out where to find him.
  4. What You Can Buy From Duke? – Confused about what to buy or how to buy weapons, supplies, farm coins in Resident Evil Village?
  5. What are Pre-Order Bonuses? – Here’s everything extra you will get when you pre-order Resident Evil Village.
  6. Does RE Village has a Multiplayer Option? – Co-Op Settings, Online Multiplayer Options, here is everything you must know about playing with friends.
  7. PS5 File Size & Pre-Load Date – Want to know what is the total download size of the game on PS5.
  8. Who Are The Daughters Of Lady Dimitrescu? – Wondering about the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village? Make sure to check it out right here.
  9. Change Difficulty Settings – Not able to fight the Lycans on Hard or Standard Mode? Here is how to switch the difficulty to easy.
  10. Xbox & PS4 Controls Guide – Want some help with learning the basic and important controls of RE Village on consoles, then read this guide.
  11. Resident Evil 8 Village Cheat Codes – Get free ammo and many other essentials by using cheat codes in Resident Evil 8.
  12. What To Do With The Crystal Torso? – How to get the Crystal Torso in Resident Evil 8 and what to do with it? Here’s what you need to know.
  13. How To Get And Use Crystal Skull? – Here’s what you need to know about the Crystal Skull in RE8.
  14. How To Get CP Fast? – Get Completion Points in Resident Evil Village is essential to get the Extra Content Shop Perks so get them fast by reading this article.
  15. How To Push Enemies Away With Kick? – Here’s how to push enemies away with a kick in RE 8 Village.
  16. Best Resident Evil Village Mods – Level up your gameplay with these amazing Resident Evil Village Mods.

How To Guides:

  1. Reset Demo Timer – Wondering about how to reset the timer on pc in the Resident Evil Village Demo.
  2. Secret Passageway Location – Do you wish to know where to find and how to unlock the secret passageway in the Castle? Check it out right here.
  3. How To Play Mercenaries Mode? –  If you’re wondering what you can do in this mode, what are the rewards, or if it’s just for fun, then keep on reading.
  4. How To Stun Enemies? – So let’s check out how you can stun enemies in Resident Evil 8 Village and kill them easily.
  5. How to Carry forward Demo Progress to the full game? – The 30 Min demo gives enough of RE Village, but what about the save game?
  6. How To Save Game? – Here’s how to save your games in Resident Evil 8 Village.
  7. How To Use Wells? – Know where to find the Well Wheel in RE Village which will let you use Wells and grab the loot.
  8. How To Cook? – Here’s all about how to cook in Resident Evil Village.
  9. How To Survive The Attack? – Here’s how to keep moving to survive the Lycan attack in Resident Evil Village.
  10. How To Get Past Spinning Wheel Of Spikes? – Here’s how to escape the Spinning Spikes in RE 8 Village.
  11. How To Farm Lei? – Get that gun upgrade you always wanted using Lei in RE Village.
  12. How To Unlock Mercenaries Mode? – Let’s see how to unlock the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village.
  13. How To Start New Game Plus Mode? – Let’s see how you can start a New Game + mode in Resident Evil Village.
  14. How To Set A Moroaica On Fire? – This will lead to you losing out on the “Medium rare trophy” so let’s see how to set fire to a Moroaica in Resident Evil Village.
  15. How To Pick Locks? – If you do get a lockpick make sure you use it up immediately as sometimes you cant visit the same place in the game again.
  16. Where To Find Juicy Game? – In this guide, we help you get the Juicy Game In RE8.
  17. How To Exit Hall Of Pleasure? – Trapped in the Hall of Pleasure? We will help you find the key to open that door.
  18. How To Open Locked Graveyard Door? – Players who are confused about how to open the locked graveyard crypt door, this guide will help you out.
  19. How To Get To The Windmill? – The Windmills are an important part of the Reservoir Biome in Resident Evil Village.
  20. How To Get The SS Rank? – Get that SS rank by killing enemies in the Mercenaries mode of Resident Evil Village.

Crafting Guides:

  1. Healing Potions – Without Med Kit, you cannot survive the Village.
  2. Ammos Crafting Recipe – Keep your inventory filled with tons of bullets.
  3. Upgrade Character And Weapons – Upgrading your characters and weapons offers a ton of advantages.

Weapons Guides:

  1. Shotgun & Mine Location – In this guide, I’m going to help you how to find a shotgun and a mine in Resident Evil 8 Village.
  2. Increase Inventory Slots – Here’s how to get more inventory space to carry more items in Resident Evil 8 Village.
  3. How To Remove Charms? – Wondering how to hide the weapon charms in RE Village? Here’s how.
  4. Best Upgrades – Use Duke’s Shop to get Weapons and Items in RE Village.
  5. Samurai Pistol – Here’s how you can get the Samurai pistol and Weapon charm in Resident Evil 8.
  6. Shotgun M1897 – Let’s see where you can find the M1897 Shotgun in Resident Evil Village.
  7. Light Saber – RE 9 has some special weapons which are tricky to unlock. Here is your chance to unlock a Light Saber.
  8. Wolfsbane Magnum – Wondering where to find the Magnum location? Check out this guide to know.
  9. Should You Sell Your Weapons? – Here’s everything you need to know about selling weapons In Resident Evil Village.
  10. How To Get The S.T.A.K.E? – Here’s how you can get the S.T.A.K.E in your Arsenal in Resident Evil Village.

Puzzle Solutions:

  1. Missing Eye Locked Door – Here is how to unlock the door to find Dimitrescu’s Chamber in RE Village Castle.
  2. Maiden & Demon Crest – Here are two Crest locations that are required to unlock the main door in RE Village.
  3. Maiden Necklace – Puzzled wondering about how to use the necklace in Resident Evil Village maiden demo? Check here.
  4. The Eye Key – The eye key is located inside the Maroon Eye Ring which is another room as you progress through the haunted house.
  5. Safe Codes & Door Padlock Combinations – To save your time, here are all the safe codes and door padlock combinations in Resident Evil 8 Village that you can use to access them.
  6. Hall Of War Brazier Puzzle – Here is how you trust in light to solve the Hall of War puzzle in RE8.
  7. The Doll Workshop Mannequin – Better Solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle before the dolls come to life!
  8. How To Get Luiza’s Heirloom? – Here is how to find Luiza’s Heirloom in Resident Evil Village.
  9. Special Chambers Puzzle Solution – A bombing here and a little push there may get you something in the Special Chambers of Resident Evil Village.
  10. Solve Piano Puzzle (Iron Insignia Key) –  Here’s how to get the Iron Insignia Key by solving the Piano Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village.
  11. Beneviento’s Treasure – Buckle up for a scary Treasure hunt for Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil Village.
  12. Where To Find The Key And The Screwdriver? – Stick around to know where to find the Key and the Screwdriver in Resident Evil village.
  13. Flower Swords Ball (Labyrinth Puzzle Solution) – Solution to the puzzling way to find the Flower Swords Ball For Labyrinth Puzzle in RE Village.
  14. Bells In Atelier Room Puzzle: Doesn’t ring a bell where to ring the bell? Check this article for the bell locations in the Atelier Room in Resident Evil Village.
  15. Dimitrescu’s Key – When she starts chasing you in the castle, your only way to survive is by moving through many rooms and by not getting cornered.
  16. Goats Of Warding Locations – We recommend slashing these with your knife as most of them are on ground level and it will save you some ammo.
  17. Statue Puzzle Solution – Here is what to do with the four statues in Resident Evil Village?
  18. Riverbank Treasure House – Let’s see how to get to the Riverbank Treasure House in Resident Evil Village.
  19. The Music Box Puzzle – This article will guide you on how to solve the Music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village.
  20. Where to find all Four Masks? – Here are the locations of Mask of Sorrow, Mask of Joy, Mask of Pleasure, and Mask of Rage.
  21. Boat Key Location – Here’s how to find the Boat Key location in RE8 Village.
  22. Locations Of All The 6 Rooftop Items – Get all the 6 items hidden on the rooftop of Castle Dimitrescu using this location guide.
  23. Azure Eye And Silver Ring Location – If you combine these two items you can make something unique which will net you an even higher reward.
  24. Winged Keys Locations Guide – Regular Winged Key can be upgraded to Four Winged Key and then to Six Winged Key. Here is how to do this.
  25. Chamber Of Solace Items – Here’s a list of items you will find at the Chamber of Solace in Resident Evil Village.
  26. Correct Order For The Film Puzzle – Completing the Film Puzzle will give you access to a pair of scissors which in turn will allow you to get a medallion that opens a secret door.

Boss Fights:

  1. How To Escape Bela? – Do you wish to know how to escape the eldest sister Bela in Resident Evil Village? Check here to know.
  2. How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu? – 9 foot Lady Dimitrescu would probably be better suited to the NBA than RE Village.
  3. List Of The Villains – This article provides a list of the main villains in RE8.
  4. Baby Fetus Monster – Does the baby loves you a lot, here is how you can run from your responsibilities.
  5. RE Village Ending Guide – Want to know what happened in the end, does Ethan dies? Will he find his baby girl? Why Rose was abducted?. etc
  6. How To Get To Moreau? – This also has some potential spoilers in the form of cutscenes. You have been warned!
  7. Beat Second Sister Daniela – Wondering how to beat second sister Daniela in Resident Evil Village?

Do not forget to check this RE Village wiki guide every day. You will find lots of new updates coming up for tough puzzles, tips on beating bosses, and how to survive the mayhem.