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Resident Evil Village: How To Survive The Attack

Here's how to keep moving to survive the Lycan attack in Resident Evil Village

The first massive battle portion of Resident Evil Village is escaping the werewolf assault. Ethan is protecting himself from a relentless assault of frightening Lycans in this first combat section. The trick is to remain cool, keep going, and locate the Shotgun, which will provide you the high ground if you are trapped. Nevertheless,  attempting to defeat all the opponents is so futile. Here’s how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village if you want to live one more day.

How to Survive the Attack in Resident Evil Village?


To survive the Lycan attack in Resident Evil 8 Village, you have to:

  • Evade and keep avoiding enemies.
  • Look for the shotgun.
  • Shotgun ammunition should not be wasted.
  • Barricade doorways using shelves.
  • Investigate the structures.
  • Using the building to evade your foes.
  • Pick out a few opponents outdoors by the exploding barrels.

how to survive the attack in resident evil village


Your only aim for the initial parts of the sequence just is running to evade. You cannot outrun a Lycan in a straight line. So the best bet to evade using the corners of the structures in the Village. You can also enter these houses but you must first reach the Big House in front you leave the house having the radio.


On the first floor last room at the end of the house. You will be able to pick up an M1897 Shotgun from here. It will be on the dining table in the room. Make sure to collect ammo from the same room before heading down to the open basement of the house. Hide there as long as possible. As mentioned before, you are not supposed to kill every Lycan on the map, and this is a timed sequence before the main Village is unlocked. So staying alive is the first priority.

Once the Lycans pin you down by putting an arrow on your leg, a cutscene will trigger. The leader of Lycans surrounded by Lycan riders on horses. The leader will be standing in front of you. Before he can kill you, bing rings, and all the Lycans and their leader leaves you behind and go away. This indicates that you have successfully survived the Lycan attack in RE 8.


This is everything you need to know about how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village. Now that you are here, make sure you have a look at our complete Resident Evil Village Wiki.