Resident Evil Village: Where To Find The Shotgun M1897?

Let’s see where you can find the M1897 Shotgun in Resident Evil Village.

Various movies and previous installments of the Resident Evil franchise have taught us that the best way to kill Lycans is by a shotgun. Even though there are several weapons you can use in Resident evil village, the good old Shotgun M1897 is best. Let’s see where you can find the Shotgun M1897 is Resident Evil Village.

Where To Find The Shotgun M1897 In Resident Evil Village?

Resident evil village shotgun
While many weapons can be bought from Duke, the merchant this one has to found. The shotgun is in the village but planted in a way that you would walk past it and not find it. In the Fallow plot area, go to the church and look towards your right, head straight and keep an eye for a shack at your right. The shack blends pretty well in the environment, so do look for a shack with 2 lycans sitting on the roof. Take the stairs to enter the shack, take right in the balcony and then turn left you will find an open door on your left. Enter the door and you will see the Shotgun M1897 on the table. Press X to pick it up.

Don’t get too excited after getting the shotgun, there is more for you to collect. On the left of the entrance, there are some shelves. There are some Rusted scraps on the shelf, for you to pick and There’s a container of Gunpowder also at the center of the room. Also, don’t forget to pick the mine kept on the dresser. The shotgun is an important weapon keeping in mind the high damage it dishes out. Shotgun M1897 is great as a short-range weapon, as the damage decrease with distance. Also, keep in mind the recoil and reload speed, it takes time so might not be good in fast-paces fights.

That’s all for this one. Do check out our Resident Evil Wiki to know everything about the game and stay a step ahead of the game.