Where To Find Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil Village

Buckle up for a scary Treasure hunt for Beneviento's Treasure In Resident Evil Village.

RE8 has taken the gaming community by storm with some of the sickest gameplays of all time. Not only has it done justice to the previous games, but it has set a new cornerstone with the 8th addition. The dark eerie vibe of the game is successful to make the players feel a part of the story. We are so invested that we want to find every piece of every puzzle and know more and more. These RE8 hunts are also rewarding and one such hunt is the Beneviento’s Treasure. The treasure holds a key piece of the game and hence we will help you find and get to the location of Beneviento Treasure in Resident Evil Village. Warning! There are minor spoilers ahead.

How to Get the Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village

To get Beneviento’s Treasure in RE Village, you will need to find two locations. The puzzle has two pieces to it. The initial piece will be at the Graveyard location and the final piece would be at the Beneviento’s Treasure location.

Location 1 – Graveyard

Graveyard location

In the Graveyard location, upon entrance, take a left from the Altar. There you will encounter a couple of zombies that you will have to shoot. This is a hint that the first piece of the puzzle will be found here. It will be a broken slab that spells out ‘Claudi‘ and the other half would be missing.

Beneviento Treasure Resident Evil Village When you get this piece, exit the graveyard and start walking in the direction of the second location. Cross the bridge and after passing the Garden, you will reach your second location.

Location 2 –  Beneviento’s Treasure

Beneviento Treasure Resident Evil Village

Once you reach the Treasure location, you will encounter a mini boss fight. We suggest you use a shotgun for this fight as handguns will take more shots to deal enough damage.

Enemy RE8

When you are down with the fight, approach the Beneviento grave. Place the broken slab that you picked up from the graveyard on this grave. The grave will open and there you have it, the Beneviento Treasure in RE8. You will find the Berengario’s Chalice inside it.

Chalice Treasure RE8

So that is all for our guide on how to get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more about the game, we have a RE Village Wiki page that you might want to check out.