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Resident Evil Village: How to Get Dimitrescu’s Key

Here's how to get Dimitrescu's Key in Resident Evil Village.

To open many of the locked doors in Resident Evil Village’s castle, you will need to find and get the Dimitrescu’s Key. Lady Alcina Dimitrescu is the matriarch of one of the families in Four Houses, the Dimitrescu family. She is the countess residing in Castle Dimitrescu. When she starts chasing you in the castle, your only way to survive is by moving through many rooms and by not getting cornered. So here’s how to get Dimitrescu’s Key in RE 8 and get access to new areas.

How to Find and Get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village?


To get the Dimitrescu’s Key in RE Village you need to first find the  Courtyard Key. This gives you access to the Hall of Ablution, where you need to solve a puzzle to reveal a staircase. Once you follow the path on the balcony outside, a cutscene will play where Lady Alcina leaves her room. Climb into the room through the window and collect Dimitrescu’s Key from the hooks with candles on the wall.

Resident Evil Village How to Get Dimitrescu's Key

Once you get the key, Lady Alcina will start hunting you. You need to first use the key to unlock the northern wall’s door. From here you get plenty of opportunities to avoid Lady Alcina’s hands. As soon you enter through the window to the room, look on the couch to collect Dimitrescu’s Diary. Once you have the Dimitrescu Key, you can use it to collect the Iron Insignia Key too. So make sure you have it make your escape much feasible. Combining both the keys will unlock all the doors and secrets of the castle, like unique resources and even a Sniper Rifle.


This is everything you need to know about how to get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village. Now that you are here, make sure you have a look at our complete Resident Evil Village Wiki.