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Resident Evil Village: How To Open Locked Graveyard Door

Players who are confused about how to open the locked graveyard crypt door, this guide will help you out.

The graveyard is an eerie location where there’s a crypt with a locked door. But it will be inaccessible which is making players wonder how to open the gate in the Graveyard in Resident Evil 8 Village. If you have spent quite a lot of time trying to figure this out and are still stuck, look no further. Here’s how to unlock the locked graveyard door and get inside the Crypt.

How to Open the Graveyard Crypt Door in Resident Evil 8 Village?


There is no specific key you need to unlock the graveyard crypt gate in RE8. What you must do is clear the entire House Beneviento including the puzzles and boss fights. That’s pretty much the condition to ensure that the graveyard door is unlocked the next time you go there. Enter the Crypt and pick up the Broken Slab.

resident evil village open graveyard gate

This will come in handy in your journey to get the Beneviento’s Treasure. After collecting this item, you can use the Broken Slab on the Beneviento grave. But beware of the enemies on the way, along with a mini boss who is guarding it. If you are playing on a higher difficulty, he can be a formidable enemy.


After beating the mini boss, go to the tombstone and use the Broken Slab to get the Berengario’s Chalice treasure. Note that you can sell it for a lot of money at The Duke’s shop. We’re talking a whopping 18000 Lei. This can be very helpful if you are in dire need of money. In case you need some more, here are some ways to farm money in RE 8. 

That’s all about how to open the Graveyard door in Resident Evil 8 Village and unlock the Crypt to get access to the hidden item. If you want more such tips and tricks to save your time and get treasures quickly, head over to our RE Village wiki right away.