How To Farm Lei In Resident Evil Village

Get that gun upgrade you always wanted using Lei in RE Village.

Lei is the in-game currency in Resident Evil Village. You will need it to make purchases as well as get weapon upgrades from Duke. However, you also are in a ‘Village’. This does make it slightly harder to come by this elusive currency. And just like real life, you will feel you don’t have enough of it. Well, that does have some truth behind it as there isn’t much cash flowing around between monsters and zombies. Anyways, getting back on track, let’s find out how to farm Lei in RE 8 Village.

How to get more Lei in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Money Guide: How to Get More Lei
Lei can be used to unlock and upgrade weapons.
  • Break open crates, jars, and pots.
  • Shoot glowing spots in the ground to get Crystal Fragments.
  • Kill enemies to get Lei and Crystal Skulls.
  • Pick locks to find some valuables.
  • Sell old unused weapons to Duke.
  • Sell treasures to Duke.

There are various crates, jars, and pots strewn around the map. You can even find these jars around Dimitrescu’s castle. These jars will often also drop various types of ammo. They are pretty easy to spot and just need a single whack to break.

You will be able to get Crystal Fragments in the ground. To get to these you need to keep your eye out for shimmering objects in the ground. These glowing white objects can also be seen on statues or artifacts. You can sell these to Duke and you will get a pretty penny.

Enemies such as Lycans and even some of the bosses will drop items such as Ammo, Lei, and Crystal Skulls. The Crystal Skulls are worth 900 Lei each. You can sell them at Duke’s store and use that money to buy more weapons and items.

There are many lockers and drawers around the RE Village map. You will have to open them by poking and prodding a bit. Some of these storage places will need you to pick the lock open. There are good chances you might be able to find valuables inside that Duke would be happy to take off your hands. However, you will need to find lockpicks around the map.

Lastly, you can even unload some of your own weapons that you no longer use. This will help you to free up some space in your inventory. You can even find some treasures around the RE 8 map. And as usual Mr. Duke will be happy to take these items off your hand.

With all that said, this is everything you need to know about how to farm Lei in Resident Evil 8 Village. Here at Gamer Tweak, we are covering RE 8 so make sure you check out our RE Village WIki.