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How To Pick Locks In Resident Evil Village

Find out what secrets the zombies are hiding.

You will be able to get more Lei by learning how to pick a lock in Resident Evil Village. To do so you will have to learn how to use a lockpick that you can usually find in various places on the map. A lockpick will help you to break into drawers and lockers that can contain valuable items and weapon upgrades alike. If you do get a lockpick make sure you use it up immediately as sometimes you cant visit the same place in the game again. Also, one lockpick will work on just one lock. Now with all that out of the way let’s find out how to pick a lock in RE 8 Village. Potential Spoilers Ahead!

How to use a lockpick to pick a lock in Resident Evil 8 Village


How To Pick Locks In Resident Evil Village
Open secret drawers and cupboards to get special items and Lei.
  • To pick a lock go to the drawer or compartment that is locked. You can find these on the map with the Lockpick symbol.
  • Once you get close to these secret compartments a pop-up saying ‘Examine’ should come up.
  • Hit the correct command button and then bring up Inventory.
  • From your Inventory select the Lockpick.
  • The game will automatically insert the Lockpick in the keyhole and the drawer will open.
  • Collect the items inside the compartment as they usually are valuable items such as Lei or Ammo.

There are various Lockpicks strewn around the Village. You will have to keep a keen eye to look out for them. Usually, they will show a pop-up when you get close to them so that you can identify them.


This is everything you need to know about how to pick a lock in Resident Evil 8 Village. Here at Gamer Tweak, we are covering RE 8 so make sure you check out our complete RE Village Wiki.