What Are The Best Resident Evil Village Upgrades?

Stock up on your resources coz it's monster hunting time in RE Village.

While there may not be many Zombies around, there are some pretty tough bosses in Resident Evil Village. As with almost every game, a boss fight necessitates upgraded weapons and inventory. So which are the best upgrades for Resident Evil Village? Well, we’ve got you covered on that. Pack up some Lei as we visit Duke’s Shop to find out the Best Upgrades for RE Village.

How to get items in Resident Evil Village

Best Resident Evil Village Upgrades: What To Buy From Duke's Shop
Duke accepts Lei and Precious items in exchange for Weapons and Upgrades.

To get the Weapons and Upgrades you will first have to meet with Duke. You can find Duke around the Village in his cart. He even randomly pops up after certain fights. While Duke is primarily a merchant he also does give hints about Rose’s location in his own helpful albeit creepy way. He is also your only source for weapons and upgrades in the game. While some of his prices seem steep, you will get used to it as you have no other option. As you go further in RE Village you will even get more Lei, which is the in-game currency. Another thing to note is that if you completely upgrade a particular weapon you will get Unlimited Ammo for that weapon. Is the deal sweet enough for you now?

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Best Resident Evil Village Upgrades

Best Resident Evil Village Upgrades: What To Buy From Duke's Shop
Duke allows you to purchase and upgrade weapons.
  1. M1897 Shotgun Power Upgrade
  2. LEMI Handgun Power Upgrade
  3. Extra Baggage

The M1897 Shotgun will be the first shotgun that you get in the game. Shotguns are amazing at close range. May it be in boss battles or just regular enemies such as Lycans. You get certified brain-blowing firepower that will stop your enemies from getting any ideas. Well, because they just won’t have the cerebral power anymore.

The LEMI Handgun is the most basic weapon you will have, apart from the knife. At its base power, it really won’t be enough against enemies in the game. You would be better off poking and prodding them with a stick. Plus you will waste a ton of ammo, a resource that is already scarce in the game. However, it is a bit costly, especially at the start of the game. So save up enough and upgrade your handgun as it can often be your last line of defense.

Extra baggage. No, not emotional or mental baggage. Extra baggage is basically a way to expand your inventory size. You can carry more ammo, have more meds, and anything else you desire. Plus it comes with the videogame magic of being a virtual inventory so you don’t really have to physically carry an extra bag to slow you down. A Win-Win in our books!

This is everything you need to know about the Best Upgrades in Resident Evil Village. While you are here have a look at our complete Resident Evil Wiki to stay up to date about the game.