Resident Evil Village: How To Get Luiza’s Heirloom

Here is how to find Luiza's Heirloom in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village is hiding a lot of mysteries under their fascinating characters. A lot of secrets are hiding under this evil village. Unveiling this mystery is the core of the game and you will do that by solving puzzles and doing treasure hunts. In the game, you will come across a task to get Luiza’s Heirloom. Finding this can be a tad bit confusing. So in this guide, we help you find the location of Luiza Heirloom in Resident Evil Village. Warning, there are mild spoilers ahead.

How to Get Luiza’s Heirloom in Resident Evil Village


To get the Luiza Heirloom, the players will have to get to Luzia’s Heirloom location and break down the components in the box that they find there. Walk your way through the Fallow Plot to Luiza’s house. At the location, you will find a box on her doorsteps that contains her necklace. The box is cream in color with red outlines and red roses drawn on it.

Luiza Heirloom Resident Evil Village

Once obtained, open the box and there lies Luiza’s Necklace. You will have to examine this necklace twice to break down the two components of it.

To do that, simply go to the ‘Key Items‘ Section and select Luiza’s Necklace. Once on the screen, rotate the necklace a bit until you find the ‘Pick Up‘ option. Select that and you will be able to take the stone out of the necklace.

Luiza Heirloom Resident Evil Village

After the players pick out the stone, Luiza’s necklace will be renamed as the ‘Necklace with the key‘ in your key items section. Select this Necklace with the key and examine it again. Hidden behind the stone will be a key that you will acquire.

Necklace With Key

This Key can be used to get Cesare’s Goblet.

So that is all for our guide on where to find the Luiza Heirloom in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more details about the game, kindly head on to our RE Village Wiki page.