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Resident Evil Village: Special Chambers Puzzle Solution

A bombing here and a little push there may get you something in the Special Chambers of Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village will not hold back on horror and puzzles. You will soon find that the game is interconnected with a number of smaller pieces to make a bigger picture. To get these smaller pieces, however, the players will have to solve some kind of puzzle almost every time. One puzzle that you will need to solve is the Special Chambers Puzzle in Castle Dimistrescu. The puzzle may be a bit tricky but it will hold a vital key to the game. So in this guide, we will help you solve the Special Chambers Puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

How to Solve the Special Chambers Puzzle



To solve the special chambers puzzle, you will have to light up two braziers that will be hanging from the wall. To light them, players need to break the wall on their left which will be hiding a lit brazier.
When you reach the special chambers, you will need the Iron Insignia Key to open the chamber doors. opening the door when you enter the chamber, you will see a coffin straight ahead of you on the far end of the room. The treasure is inside that coffin. However, upon the opening of the gates, the metal barriers that were around it in a semicircle inside the ground will rise up protecting the coffin. You will now need to open those sealed barriers to open the coffin.

Chamber Layout


How to Open the Coffin the Puzzle

As soon as you enter the chambers, on your right, you will find a pipe bomb. Collect this.

Pipe Bomb
Now on the left side of the chambers, you will see a half-broken crumbling wall and a lit brazier peaking from behind it. You will need to break that wall by throwing the pipe bomb at it. Use the pipe bomb that you just acquired and break the wall. Once the wall is down, there will be some loot in there so the players can go collect it first.


Broken Wall

Your goal now is to light both the wall braziers from that one that was behind the wall.
Start with the one that is closer to the lit brazier as the other is too far away from the lit one.
You walk in the direction of the lit brazier in a what that when you approach it, you will collide with hanging one. This will create momentum and will swing the brazier making it touch the lit one. This is how you will light the hanging one. Now keep in mind to get the angle of direction right. If the angle is a little sideways, it will just collide with the wall and go haywire.

First brazier
Once the first hanging brazier is lit, you will have to light the second one off of this. The trick here is to swing both the wall braziers in each other’s direction so that they collide with each other. Simply swinging one will not cover the entire distance. Start with swinging the lit one towards the unlit. Then go back to the lit brazier and swing it towards the lit.


Swing Technique
Once both these are in a pendulum motion towards each other, they will collide and light up.
If you find it difficult to walk towards them and get them swinging in the right direction you can use some of your ammo to aim and shoot at them in the right direction. Alternatively, a knife could be used too.

Now that all the three are lit, the coffin will get its metal guard down and you can open it. Inside you will find the Azure Eye.


So that will be all for our guide on how to solve the Special Chambers Puzzle inside Castle Dimistrescu in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more about this game, make sure to check out our RE Village Wiki Page.