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How to Escape Castle in RE Village – How to Find 4 Mask’s Easily?

Here are the locations of Mask of Sorrow, Mask of Joy, Mask of Pleasure, and Mask of Rage.

Finding four masks is the final Castle Part in Resident Evil Village. After this, you will fight Lady Dimitrescu, the first boss fight of the game. There will be valuable drops and you will access another section of the village area. In this guide, I am going to help you with finding the Four Mask which is required to complete the Escape the Castle objective.


Where to find Mask of Sorrow?

Mask of Sorrow Location

Go to the Terrace and grab Dimitrescu’s Key from here chamber. She will throw you down into the underground region where while escaping you will find the Mask of Joy. It is attached to the statue which is also a lift. To reach the Terrace you will have to cross the second underground area which is filled with blood. To reach the Terrace you will have to first find the Courtyard Key. It is locked inside a case behind a unique lock that requires a Special Wine Bottle.


Watch the above video that will help you to find the Courtyard key. Access the courtyard and walk through the underground area, the door is on the right end of the courtyard. In the end, you will come across a lift which will take you to the terrace. There you will find Lady Dimitrescu’s chamber. The key is in the side, grab and escape from the Lady. The mask will be attached to the statue which is also a lift.

Where to find Mask of Joy?


Mask of Joy Location

The Lift will take you back to the Courtyard, turn right for a door with a golden flower on it. Go inside and take the stairs to the first floor. The door on the right is locked. This door requires Iron Insignia Key which is hidden inside the Piano. It is in the room on the left, go down and you will find, and you will find the huge piano on the ground floor. Below is the Piano Puzzle Solution.


Return to the upper floor and unlock the locked door with Iron Insignia Key. Inside fight with Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter. Just rotate the lever in one of the four columns to freeze her. Once the door exits through the door on the end of this room. Mask of Joy is on the right end corner.

Where to find Mask of Rage?

Mask of Rage Location

After collecting Mask of Joy look for a door with three women carved on it. It is on the left of the statue, inside this door you will have to shoot 5 bells.

  • Bell 1 – Left of the Painting near the fallen statue.
  • Bell 2 – Shoot through the Window among the moving gears.
  • Bell 3 – Above the shelf on the right near books.
  • Bell 4 – Look through the glass window on the roof above the huge painting.
  • Bell 5 – Above the Chandelier, shoot it first and then the bell.

Shoot all the five bells and the painting will move away giving you access to another hidden room. After climbing up exit the room and you will be on the terrace. Few flying monsters will stop your way, you have to ignore them and keep on running until you reach a dead end. Run-on the roof to go to the right corner of the terrace area. Continue running until you find a Zipline, this will take you to the fourth mask – Mask of Rage.

Where to find Mask of Joy?

Mask of Pleasure Location

For the final mask use the stairs on the right of the statue where you found the Mask of Rage. Take the lift and go down. This will take you back to the castle and this time Lady Dimitrescu will chase you. You have to go upstairs. Remember the door which requires Maroon Eye to unlock. Cross that and look for a door with a Golden flower on it. It requires Dimitrescu’s key. Collect the Mask of Pleasure, but there is a catch. The door will be locked as soon as you pull out the mask.

Pass through the fireplace hole and fight Dimitrescu’s daughter. Grab the pipe bomb from the room end and throw it over the broken wall. This will freeze the daughter, and you can then shoot her. Look on the top of the end wall for an animal mask. Collect it and examine the Mask. Then place it on the statue from where you collected the Mask of Joy. That’s it you got all the 4 Masks now.

Return to the ground floor set all the mask and you are all set to fight Lady Dimitrescu. Do not forget to check our RE 8 Wiki guide for more puzzle solutions.