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How To Cook In Resident Evil 8 Village

Here's all about how to cook in Resident Evil Village.

Cooking at The Duke’s Kitchen in Resident Evil Village is the only way to boost your health bar, minimize harm while defending, and improve movement speed. Animals won’t resurrect after you’ve slaughtered and harvested their meat, so resources are limited in the village. You’ll find plenty of basic beef, poultry, and fish, but you’ll be restricted by Quality Meat, Finest Fish, and Juicy Game, as each of these animals is restricted to one per player. In this Resident Evil Village Cooking guide let’s look at how to make a variety of recipes, as well as where to locate the ingredients for them in Resident Evil Village.

How to Cook in Resident Evil Village?


To cook in RE Village, you need to unlock cooking in Duke’s Kitchen by interacting with him once you find all parts of the Winged Key. The merchant would then allow you to cook meals in his kitchen. The kitchen tag line says “you kill it, we cook it!”

How to cook in Resident Evil Village

Duke’s Kitchen is reachable from Duke’s Emporium. Duke’s shop is located directly near the old Hall of the Four. You’ll have to kill animals in the game to get the resources. Take them into the kitchen to prepare your meals using the recipes provided to you. The dishes you prepare will grant you long-term health and defense benefits.


Cooking Recipes & Ingredients in Resident Evil 8 Village

We have 6 different recipes in Resident Evil 8 Village granting different benefits. They all require different types of ingredients too. All the recipes are as follows:

  • Herbed Fish
  • Bird and Beast Pilaf
  • Three-Flavored Mititei
  • Tochitura de Pui
  • Ciorba de Porc
  • Sarmale de Peste


Here’s the buffs they provide and the ingredients they need:

Recipe Herbed Fish
Reward Health slightly increased permanently.
Ingredients x3 Fish, x2Poultry
Recipe Bird and Beast Pilaf
Reward Damage taken when guarding decreases permanently.
Ingredients x4 Poultry, x1 Meat


Recipe Three-Flavored Mititei
Reward Health increases permanently.
Ingredients 4x Fish, 2x Poultry, x3 Meat
Recipe Tochitura de Pui
Reward Health greatly increases permanently.
Ingredients 4x Poultry, 3x Meat, x1 Juicy Game
Recipe Ciorba de Porc
Reward Damage taken when guarding greatly decreases permanently.
Ingredients x1 Fish,  x5 Meat, x1 Quality Meat
Recipe Sarmale de Peste
Reward Movement speed increases permanently.
Ingredients x6 Fish, x1 Finest Fish

This is everything you need to know about how to cook in this Resident Evil Village Cooking guide. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at our complete Resident Evil Wiki.