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Where To Find Juicy Game In Resident Evil Village

In this guide, we help you get the Juicy Game In RE8.

RE Village has been successful in getting the players addicted to exploring hidden items and treasure chests. The game has mystery and eeriness in the air. Hidden in it are a number of secrets and mysteries that need to be unveiled. While some revelations can have undesirable consequences, some reward you with a vital resource that will help you go through the game much more easily. One such item is the Juicy game. Juicy game is the meat of a blue bird that you can hunt. If you are confused as to where to find the Juicy Games location in Resident Evil Village, keep reading this guide.

How to Find The Juicy Games in Resident Evil Village


Juicy Bird Location

In the Graveyard location of Resident Evil Village, next to the graveyards, there is a tree where the blue bird spawns on it which is the Juicy Game. The way you will identify this bird by its annoying squeak. The bird will be sitting on the lower bark of the tree.



Use a sniper for better aim as there is a possibility that there will be other birds sitting on the tree. Simply shoot the bird and it should fall on the ground. Approach it and pick it up. You now have the juicy game meat.


Resident Evil Village is a survival game and one of the most important things in survival games is health. This juicy game meat is an ingredient in the ‘Tochitura de Pui‘ dish in the Duke’s Kitchen. You will require one such juicy game along with 3 meat and 4 poultry. This dish will help you greatly increase your health that too permanently.


So that is all for our guide on how to get the Juicy Game location in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more about this game, head on to our RE Village Wiki page.