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Resident Evil Village: How To Unlock Mercenaries Mode

Let’s see how to unlock the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village was one of the most awaited games of the year. There are many reasons fans love the franchise, the spooky setting, fast-paced action, and Ethan’s tragic storyline. One more reason for the hype is the Mercenaries mode of the game. The mercenaries mode was first introduced with Resident Evil 3 and since then has been a fan favorite. The mode was missing from the RE7 which contributed to RE Village’s hype as players deprived of the mercenaries mode couldn’t wait any longer. Let’s see what is the Mercenaries mode and how to unlock it Resident Evil Village.

What Is The Mercenaries Mode And How To Unlock It In Resident Evil Village?


Resident evil village mercenaries mode
The Mercenaries mode is a time-based game mode where players need to kill enemies to complete the task in a specific amount of time. The main aim is to reach the goal before time runs out. The more enemies you kill on your way, the more points you score. After every stage, you will be able to get weapons and abilities to prepare for the next one. There are time orbs as well all around the level using which you can add some time on the clock. The difficulty level increases after every level so make sure you fill your weaponry accordingly.

While in other games you could simply access it from the main menu, in Resident Evil Village you have to unlock it. Unlocking the mode isn’t difficult, all you have to do is finish the story mode at any difficulty level. After completing the main story mode you will unlock the Extra content shop. Players can purchase the mode from the shop for 10 CP, it isn’t much given how good the Mercenaries mode is. There are 8 levels in the Mercenaries mode. To unlock the next mode you have to achieve a certain rank at the current level.

Capcom has already teased a special item at the end of the Mercenaries mode, so don’t forget to complete the mode and for any more info do check out our Resident Evil Wiki.