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Resident Evil Village Boat Key Location

Here's how to find the Boat Key location in RE8 Village.

Finding the Boat Key location is one of the crucial moments in Resident Evil Village. It is the only way to escape from one of the chase encounters you have to face as Ethan Winters. So if don’t want spoilers please stop here, but if you are already in a location where you know you know you will need a key to start the boats then this guide is for you. So here’s how and where to find boat key location in RE8 Village.

How to Get the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village (Location)?


Resident Evil Village the windmills boat key

To get the boat key from its location in RE8 Village, you need to pick it up from the shack in the mines, after you recover the “Flask containing Rosemary’s arms” from Salvatore Moreau. Once Moreau finds you trying to steal the flask, he will cover the paths with green mold-like slime. This will also open up paths that were previously inaccessible, like the tunnels to boat key location inside mine Shack.

RE8 Village Boat Key


Once the event is triggered, go towards the way you came inside. You will get a new open tunnel path to the underground mine. Once you are at the location shown in the above map, you will see a gap that you can’t jump. But don’t worry there will be a wooden plank bridge on the right with a noticeable yellow tape on them Use a knife or gun to break the tape and make the plank cover the gap.

RE 8 Village Boat Key location

Once you make your way further into the tunnels, climbing down a yellow ladder, you will finally reach the shack beside a dead tree. Clear the enemies in the area and proceed inside the shack. The key will be on hanging on the wall.


To help you out here’s a YouTube video from Gamerpillar:

This is everything you need to know about how and where to find boat key location in RE8 Village. Now that you are here, make sure you have a look at our complete Resident Evil Village Wiki.