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RE Village Winged Keys Locations Guide – How To Get All Winged Keys

Regular Winged Key can be upgraded to Four Winged Key and then to Six Winged Key. Here is how to do this.

There are three Winged Keys in Resident Evil Village. Two Winged Key, Four Winged Key, and Six Winged Key. To grab these all keys you will have to deal with three bosses. After finding the Two Winged key you can upgrade the same to Four Winged and later Six Winged. All these three keys are highly important in Resident Evil Village. In this guide, I am going to help you with finding all three keys.

Where to find Two Winged Key in RE Village?


The first key is the Two Winged key. It is unlocked right after defeating Lady Dimitrescu when she transforms into a weird flying creature. It is a Boss Fight and you have to be prepare before entering the church on the terrace of the Castle. To exit the Castle you will have to find Four Mask’s first. We have a detailed video on how to find all four masks in RE Village.

Watch the above video if you had not reached the point to escape the castle. Next is to fight Lady Dimitrescu and escape the castle. While on your way you will find the old woman, she will drop a key in the box. That is the Two-Winged key, and it can be upgraded to Four Winged and Six Winged key. Here is how to find this key, watch the video below.


Where to find Four Winged Key in RE Village?

The Four Winged Key is in the Village. After defeating Lady Dimitrescu you will have to meet Duke and then go to the Village. There will be a few Lycans, some puzzles and you will find the key in of the houses in the village. To save time watch the video below. You can check out the exact place where you will find the Four Winged Key in Resident Evil Village.


Where to find Six Winged Key in RE Village?


This is a long journey because here you will have to fight two bosses. Donna Beneviento the Doll Maker and Moreau, who transforms into a fish. Only beating these bots will give you the Six Winged key that will take you to the climax of the game. With this, there are certain puzzles also. But nothing to worry about, you can watch the RE Village Walkthrough below to find out how to collect the final winged key in RE 9.

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