Resident Evil Village: List Of The Villains

This article provides a list of the main villains in RE8

A kidnapped daughter. A father that will face his past nightmares to save her. What will Ethan Winters encounter on this journey? A journey that will shudder your core. Resident Evil has taken a dive into the realm of the supernatural with its eight major entry Resident Evil Village. The village is not just a location, a place, it is in fact a part of Ethan’s fate. It is alive but the people living there aren’t. The game has introduced their main bosses to the world and it’s a frenzy. Everything that we know about them seems less and we want more! In this article, let us reintroduce all the Villains that are bosses of Resident Evil Village.

List Of all the Bosses in Resident Evil Village and Their Story

Below are the main bosses who are the core villains of the Resident Evil Village (RE8)

Alcina Dimitrescu

Alcina Dimitrescu

Alcina Dimitrescu or Lady Dimitrescu is the Mistress of the castle in the village and also a vampire. Her tall enchanting looks and that perfect smile will mesmerize you. She embodies power and grace, a beautiful and deadly combination to have. Her peaking interest in the wine is evident by the scattered bottles of wine throughout the castle and a wine glass in her hand every now and then. Being the connoisseur she is, she has her own technique of making wine from the blood of maidens. Her stunning ladylike character is contrasted with the ability to transform her nails into long sharp blades that she uses to kill her prey. She lives in the castle with her three daughters and is one of the four lords who serves Mother Miranda.

Witch Sisters Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela

Witch Sisters

Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters Bela the eldest followed by Cassandra and the youngest one Daniela are witch sisters who are completely savage. Sensitive to sunlight as a result of the virus, they are known to tease and taunt their prey before killing them. They can take the form of the insects living around them and travel in swarms of those insects. Their human form was revealed in the Resident Evil Village gameplay and they looked astonishing in their past human lives and nothing screamed villain. Creating havoc is their forte which is just a poster face that covers how truly broken they actually are.

Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau

If the world was fixated on outer beauty, the Salvatore Moreau would be the lowest key of the chain. He probably understands that as he hides himself under a rugged fungus-ridden leather coat to keep him undercover. He stays secluded in the reservoir. His webbed feet and the fungus evidently point out to him being a water creature. A hump on the back that does not go unnoticed is disturbing. He is hideous and yet his inspiration comes from one of the most enchanting creatures, the Mer-mans. He is one of the four lords who serves Miranda.

Donna Beneviento and her puppet named Angie

Donna Beneviento Resident Evil Village Bosses Villains RE8

Found in Beneviento house, Donna is Puppeteer that controls her puppet named Angie. Her aura projects sadness and mourning, given the garbs she wears on contrary to her excited puppet Angie. The mystery that revolves around her is alarming as there is not much we can know about who the real Donna Beneviento is behind those curtains of her puppet and veils. She is also one of the four lords who serves Miranda.  The revelation of this boss is much awaited in the Resident Evil Village gameplay.

Karl Heisenberg

Karl Heisenberg

One look at Karl Heisenberg and the hair on the back of your neck stand. He is an emissary of destruction and will leave nothing in this path in one piece. He is never without the hammer that he created from Family’s Engineering Technology. Not just that, this perplexing character also has supernatural powers. His cowboy looks hide a genius behind it. He resides in the Heisenberg Factory and is one of the four lords who serves Miranda.

Mother Miranda Mother Miranda Resident Evil Village Bosses Villains RE8

The ruler, the one and only who is worshipped by evils of the evils and the innocent villagers alike. Not much has been revealed about this villain and everything points towards her being the main boss in Resident Evil Village. Her mask and raven feather cloak is hiding the unknown that will create a catastrophe once unmasked.

Werewolf – Mini-Boss

Werewolf Resident Evil Village Bosses Villains

The werewolf may just be a pawn in the games of the 4 houses but he is a horrifying villain nonetheless. With his super strength and sharp senses, he can hear the slightest movements and look clearly in the dark. A lot of questions about his identity with few to no answers. We hope that the game will reveal us all the information about him soon.

So that is all list of villains that pose as bosses in the Resident Evil Village. We’ll update the list as new characters are out. If you would like more information about the RE8 game, check out our wiki page for the game.