Where to find the Eye Key in Resident Evil Village?

Eye key is located inside the Maroon Eye Ring which is another room as you progress through the haunted house.

Resident Evil Village demo is out and if you are playing this game on PS5 then this guide is for you. After coming out of the cellar one of the rooms on the upper side of the hall is locked. It requires an eye key which is hidden in side a ring and this ring again hidden somewhere in this house. In this guide, I am going to help you with finding the eye key in Resident Evil Village.

Where to find the Eye in Resident Evil Village?

RE Village Eye Location

Resident Evil Village Eye Ring

From the main hall open the door in the end side which leads to a dining area. Look for a wine glass on the table. Grab it and examine it to pull out the Maroon Eye Ring from it.

RE Village Eye Ring Location

Open your inventory and examine the ring to pull out the eye from it. Return to the door and place the eye on the women’s face with two babies. This unlocks the door and inside in one of the shelves, you will find the Courtyard Key to unlock another door in Resident Evil Village.

This is how you can unlock the door using the Eye key in RE Village. The game is full of puzzles and clues. It is necessary to look into every nook and corner, you never know what you have missed. Do not forget to have a look at RE Village Wiki for more amazing tips and tricks.