How To Get To Secret Passageway In Resident Evil Village

Do you wish to know where to find and how to unlock the secret passageway in Resident Evil Village? Check it out right here

The secret passage in Resident Evil Village will lead you from the Hall of War where you will be able to see a ton of people fighting each other and into the prisons where Lady Dimitrescu would usually hold her prisoners, there’s only an issue here as people are finding it difficult to open the secret passage. If you’re stuck at the hall of war and don’t know how to proceed make sure to check this out.

How To Get To Secret Passageway In Resident Evil Village

The secret passageway in Resident Evil Village can be accessed by burning both the torches on either side of the chandelier, you can either shoot the chandelier to move it or you can simply walk towards the torch with the burning chandelier in between you.

secret passageway resident evil village

This will open up a secret passageway for you in the game which will lead towards the prison section of Castle Dimitrescu, where you will probably run into zombie-like creatures who wield swords and will attack you on sight.

To defeat these zombie-like creatures, you’re going to need to use your shotgun and try to aim for their heads. Since they do not move much, it can be done easily.

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The secret passageway lies behind the Hall of War. You can get to this place by breaking open the wooden planks in rooms. This room will lead you towards the wine cellar of Lady Dimitrescu and from there you can find the Hall of War.

The entire walls of this place are covered with enemies fighting each other which looks like an endless way. This is all there is to know about how to get to the secret passageway in Resident Evil Village, while you’re here make sure to check out the pre-order bonuses of Resident Evil Village right here on Gamer Tweak. Do not forget to have a look at RE Village Wiki for more amazing tips and tricks.