How to Stun Enemies in Resident Evil 8 Village?

Confuse them and kill them!

Resident Evil 8 Village brings Vampires and Lycans this time. With the different types of enemies, the combat system is also upgraded. There are certain basic things that you must know while playing this game. For example, when you are attacked by a group of werewolves how you can save yourself. Bullet will be not enough at that point, but you can stun enemies and make your way out. This is a very basic thing in the game, but easy to forget. So let’s check out how you can stun enemies in Resident Evil 8 Village and kill them easily.

How to stun enemies?

At the very beginning when Ethan enters the village, he found himself lost in horror. The demo does not reveal what happened to Etha’s daughter, how she went into the village.  This indicates his wife is also in the same place. As you walk around fields or in empty wooden cabins, you will see flour bags. They are placed in a corner of the house or near the haystack. This is your lifesaver in Resident Evil 8 Village.

RE8 Stun Enemies

When you see yourself surrounded by a horde of Lycans, lure them near the bag and shoot. The explosion will stun the enemies for a few seconds. It also acts as a few-second cover. This does not mean that you can stand there and do nothing. Either run away or you can use your weapon to shoot the monsters. In the demo, it has been noticed that you can stun different enemies in Resident Evil 8 Village. This could be of great help as you keep on exploring the map.

RE8 Stun Enemies

You can also guard yourself and kick enemies. But this will not kill them. You will need weapons like guns or explosives to shoot down the monsters. One of them is in an explosive mine, which is found in empty cabins. Mines explode on contact, you have to place them on a narrow entrance and lure the Lycans towards it.

Resident Evil 8 Village is going to be a big game, as there are four different houses that are controlling everything. Mother Miranda seems to be the final boss of Resident Evil 8 Village. With this, there is a lot to explore and a lot to craft. We are going to help you out with amazing tips and tricks. There is one confusion with the Demo, the RE8 Village Save Game files can’t be moved to the full game. This feature is not yet enabled for free users, I think if you buy this game you will be able to move the progress to the full version. Do not forget to have a look at RE Village Wiki for more amazing tips and tricks.