Resident Evil 8 Village Demo: How To Get Shotgun and Mine?

A Gun with Explosive = Total Devastation

Weapons are the best thing in Resident Evil 8 Village. Because knives are or melee weapons look worthless against Lycans. Also, you cannot just block them and run away. Explosives are limited, so your best friend will be your shotgun. In this guide, I’m going to help you how to find a shotgun and a mine in Resident Evil 8 Village. Make sure to keep on exploring every nook and corner to get more ammunition. Crafting is a core mechanism of this game. It will help you to craft health potions, as well as you will items to upgrade weapons later in the game. Make sure you keep an eye on all the items you can collect while this guide will help you with finding your first weapons.

Where to find Shotgun and Mine?

After talking to the weird old women cross the statue and walk towards the door with two fire torch. On the exact right there is a gate that leads to the church.  Enter the gate, get inside the church, and exit from the door on the right. Walkthrough the broken wall on your left and you will enter fields look for the scarecrow.

(You will find a Maiden Crest and a map inside the church)

RE8 Shotgun % Mine Location

Do not go ahead, the first cabin on the left has the Shotgun, Mine, Gun Powder, and Handgun Ammos in the drawer. Make sure you explore this old house properly, this is also the first time you will encounter Lycans running around. The house has a door that can be locked and has flour bags at the entrance. You can use that to stun the enemies.

RE8 Village Shotgun

RE8 Village Mine

Collect the shotgun, it is near the window and the explosive mine is on the right on the desk. Collect all the items and then exit this house. Because after this, you going to fight the monsters. The handgun will be of great help, as well as the mine. Do not waste the explosive, use the handgun first and then use the shotgun. In this way can preserve some ammo and have enough time to hunt all the monsters.

You will have to reach another house where you will find a few fellow villagers who won’t be happy to see you. This will trigger a cut scene that will reveal what is happening in the village. This how you can get your first weapons in Resident Evil 8 Village Demo. Do not forget to break the crates with yellow paint on them. They can give you crafting materials to craft ammo and other important items. Do not forget to have a look at RE Village Wiki for more amazing tips and tricks.