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How To Get and Use Crystal Skull In Resident Evil 8 Village

Here's what you need to know about the Crystal Skull in RE8.

There are quite a lot of treasures available in this terrifying game. Apart from the Crystal Torso, you will also come across Crystal Skull in Resident Evil Village. Similar to the Torso, you might be unsure what to do with this treasure in RE8. Look no further, because we will explain how to use the Crystal Skull in RE Village.

How to Find the Crystal Skull in Resident Evil 8 Village


Players can get the Crystal Skull in RE8 but killing enemies in the village including Lycans. In the game, the Skull is a crystallized remnant of a fanged creature and it’s a valuable treasure. But unlike the Torso, it is not a sure-shot drop from every enemy you kill in the village but the more you kill, the more chances you have. Does it give you any advantage, though? Let’s take a look.

What to Do with Crystal Skull in RE8?

how to use crystal skull resident evil 8 village


You can sell the Crystal Skull to The Duke to earn some Lei. There is no other advantage for this treasure so go ahead and make the most of it by getting easy money from it. Follow these steps to trade the Crystal Skull for Lei:

  • Meet The Duke and open The Duke’s Emporium.
  • Click on The Duke’s Purse.
  • Look for Crystal Skull.
  • Choose the quantity you want to sell.
  • Players can earn 900 Lei per Skull.
  • Click on YES on the pop-up.
  • Your money count will be updated on the top-right section of the screen. You can now use it to buy essential items or weapons.

This is all you need to know about where to find and how to use Crystal Skull in Resident Evil 8 Village. If you are curious to know the locations of more such resources and items, check out our guides on Dimitrescu’s Key, Luiza’s Heirloom, Iron Insignia Key, Beneviento’s Treasure and all safe and door codes.