What You Can Buy From Duke in Resident Evil Village?

By Raaj
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Resident Evil series focuses on horror survival, you explore, find items, craft, and kill. This time a shopkeeper sits in a place where no one can expect. Called Duke, this ghostly seller can save your life. In this Resident Evil Village Shopping Guide I will explain to you what you can buy from him. Essentials and weapons are two things you can always purchase. But you can sell some treasures and farm coins in Resident Evil Village. In the demo, we haven’t seen Micro-Transactions in Resident Evil Village, but who knows this can also be added for the first time.

Duke Store guide: What to buy & What to Ignore?

You will find Duke for the first time in the Resident Evil Village Castle Demo. His small store is attacked to the room where you will see Mask Angels statue. Four status that requires a unique item to solve. Duke sits on the left of this room, and here is the store guide.

Lei is the in-game currency in Resident Evil Village, also called coins. You can find them in many places, by breaking crates and pots. They are also dropped by enemies, but the best way to get lots of coins in Resident Evil Village is by selling Treasures. They are rare items in the game, like Crimson Glass, or Crystal Skull. Treasures are rare, with this you can also sell Ammo, First Aid Med, or an old weapon. To buy anything from Duke’s shop you will need coins.

The Duke’s Emporium:

Duke’s Emporium has three sections, Supplies, Gunsmithy, and the Duke’s Purse. Here is what you can buy or sell.

RE Village Dukes Emporium


RE Village Supplies Shop

The most important part of the store. You can buy healing potions, unlocking crafting recipes, buy stronger weapons, explosives, ammo, etc. This is the place where you can purchase and make your life a little easy in the game. You can also buy weapons upgrades from here. Also, the section holds vital upgrades like unlocking extra slots in the inventory. It is a costly upgrade but with Lei, you can fetch anything. Supplies have items under different sections like Ammo, Recovery, Weapons, Parts, etc.


RE Village Gunsmithy

A place to upgrade your weapons and check their stats. If you buy any weapon parts from the Supplies store you can apply them here to level up your weapon. Better weapons will help you to take down tougher enemies. As you progress deeper into Resident Evil Village the game will turn out more challenging. The goal is to get enough coins to upgrade weapons and keep your pocket filled with ammos.

The Duke’s Purse:

RE Village Dukes Purse

Sell all the treasures here, along with your weapons and crafted items. Duke’s Purse is a place to sell items, if you are short on coins then go to this section. Each item will have a price and it will be listed next to that. Treasures can yield a high amount of coins in Resident Evil Village.

Duke’s Kitchen:

RE Village Cooking

Cook a variety of recipes that help you to upgrade your character. For example resistance to damage, or speed boost, etc. You will have to hunt down animals in the village, like goats, chickens, pigs, or go fishing. Different recipes require different items. You can combine them to cook recipes that will let help you a lot during boss fights.

Does Resident Evil Village have Micro-transactions?

We had not seen in the demo, the coins “Lei” are acquired via exploration or while selling treasures or items. Till yet we had not seen any kind of coins pack in the game. There are chances the full version might have an additional option that will let players buy coins in Resident Evil Village, but this is not confirmed.

We will keep you updated about the same, as soon as we discover that we will update you. Till then keep a watch on our Resident Evil Village category to keep reading about new updates on this game. Do not forget to have a look at RE Village Wiki for more amazing tips and tricks.