How To Get The SS Rank In Resident Evil Village

Get that SS rank by killing enemies in the Mercenaries mode of Resident Evil Village.

SS is a rank that you can obtain in the Mercenaries mode of Resident Evil Village. You will be able to unlock is mode once you complete the entire game. On completion, you will get access to the ‘Extra Content Shop’. You can select the Mercenaries mode via the main menu under the Bonuses section. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the SS Rank in the Mercenaries Mode of Resident Evil Village.

How to Get the SS Rank in Mercenaries Mode of Resident Evil Village?

RE8 Mercenaries

You will first start off with a visit to the merchant. There you will buy the most trustworthy two gins that you feel suit your gameplay. We suggest you choose a Shotgun and a rifle instead of handguns for this task. Now what you would want to do is max out these weapons. For that, you will need Lei. The way you can get it is by selling all your other items, specifically your handgun and handgun ammo if you are using shotguns and rifles. When you max out your weapon, you will not reach a point to take damage in the game and kill your enemies before they reach you so we suggest you sell your first aid meds too as they sell for a considerable amount of Lei.

Create Combos

Once the mode starts and you are in the arena, you need first need to make your way to the orbs that are usually orange and blue in color. These orbs will give you three abilities to choose from. Each ability has its own uniqueness it will be helpful if you choose attack abilities instead of defensive ones. The ability will stay with you for the rest of the stage. You will also find a few mini boss fights in the game. The best way to get an SS rank is that you indulge in combos. They will also provide your character with a few random perks. You will see that once you are smooth with the combos, you will achieve your kill goal in record time helping you get the SS rank.

If you finish each stage with an SS rank, it will unlock the LZ-Answerer melee weapon for you. So that is all for our guide on how to get SS Rank in the Mercenaries mode of Resident Evil Village. If you want more information about the game, we have a Resident Evil Village Wiki page that you might want to check out.