How To Get To Moreau In Resident Evil 8 Village

Something does smell rather fishy.

Moreau is the third boss you come across in Resident Evil Village. A creature of the depths, Moreau heavily features the water. That much is evident from the molasses stuck to his body. He is quite the frightening enemy and seems to be Miranda’s most loyal servant as he worships her almost every breathing moment. However, all that is well and good but how do you actually get to him. That is the tricky part of the boss fight and we will show you how to get to Moreau in RE Village. This also has some potential spoilers in the form of cutscenes. You have been warned!

How to find Moreau in Resident Evil 8?

As we know Moreau loves the aquatic habitat. Therefore, he is seen lurking in the flooded Reservoir town. But you have to start your journey in the Village actually and pick up a few things that will make the boss fight easier. The first of these is the Waterwheel weapon.

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

The Waterwheel weapon is basically a grenade launcher. You can actually find it in the East Old Town in the Village. At the Altar use the Four-Winged Unborn Key to open the gates. After that head down the stairs. Here you will also come across the Werewolf Monster. Just dive into the first house and the monster will go away.

Once the monster goes away make your way to the Waterwheel house. Unlock the house using the Iron Insignia key. You can identify it by the signage on the door. Inside the house, you will come across an M79 grenade launcher along with some explosive rounds. There even is a lockpick here which you can stock up on.

Now head back to the initial house you hid out in. Climb on the roof using the ladder to get a vantage point. Unload your grenade launcher on the Werewolf. Once you beat it you will be rewarded with a crystal skull that you can trade in to earn more Lei.

Reservoir Biome

In the Reservoir part of the map go to the end of the stream in the southward direction. Over here you will find a slime dam that is blocking your path. You can puncture it using your knife or you can even use your gun to shoot it. Having cleared this part you will come across a gate. Here you will see a ladder that is covered by slime. Use the same method as earlier to get rid of the slime.

Here you will find some pigs. You can kill them if you’re hungry and cook them later on. Now, unlock the gate and go up to the Windmill. Enter the windmill and take the steps. Here you will come across an image that reads ‘A photo of a beast as white as snow. Where was it taken?’ This is basically referencing the Werewolf monster you came across earlier. Keep going onwards and you will come to a typewriter which is a checkpoint. You will now see an elevator. Take it all the way down to the bottom.

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Stealing the Flask from Moreau in Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau
The third flask containing Rose’s arms. 

Moreau will have a flask containing a part of Rose. To get to the flask, you will have to take the first right as soon as you exit the elevator. Turn left and keep going down the narrow path. You will also be able to find a Crystal Fragment here which you can turn in for more Lei. Keep going in the tunnel and you will find a path on your left. Enter this area and take the stairs. After that, you will have to do a bit of a crabwalk and will eventually make your way to Moreau’s room where he conveniently places the Arms Flask on the Window Ledge. Whatever happened to safes, dear villains. 

This will trigger a cutscene with Moreau chanting about Miranda a bit more. He is also one of the nicer villains as he admits to trapping Ethan with a rather dreadful monologue. After some more Mother Miranda chants, you will have to make your way out of the room, albeit by following a slime-covered path courtesy of Moreau. Retrace your steps to get out of the room. However, you won’t be able to make it back to the elevator. Instead, you will have to turn left and make your way around the wall and onto the stairs. Cardio is better you know? Keep going till you see an opening on the left. Head along the path until you come across a ladder.

Climb down the ladder and head towards the right. Here there will be two armored Lycans that will bum rush you with gleeful abandon. Use your Shotgun to clear them effortlessly. Also, why do Zombies need armor and where do they even get it. Here you will come across a small shack. Enter this Shack and get the Boat Key from the wall.

Using the Boat

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

Retrace your steps as if you are going back to the place you found the flask at. However, don’t use the ladder to go down. Take the right path and keep heading down in that direction. You will now come across a tunnel. Keep your Shotgun primed as there are 2 more Lycans awaiting a feast. Keep heading down towards this path as it leads to the water. Here you will see a small shack on the right which contains a file about The Reservoir and Giant Fish.

Just ahead you will be able to see a boat. Use the boat key you got earlier on to start the engine. Pilot the boat out of the tunnel and head towards the opening. Here you will encounter a huge fish-like creature that will jump out for a bit. After that, head into the tunnel straight across you. Once you do that enter the tent and you will find another cutscene.

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Look who’s back

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

Chris makes a return in this scene along with some of his ‘friends.’ They too seem to be on the hunt for Miranda and the curious aquatic creature. Midway through the scene Chris will get rather rudely interrupted by the aforementioned aquatic creature as his tent gets ripped in half. That will put a dent in the zombie fighting budget. After the aquatic creature rips through Chris’ tent you will find yourself in the water. Make your way out of the water and onto the dock. Now another scene with Moreau begins in Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

Moreau will once again profess his admiration and loyalty for Miranda accompanied by violent bouts of puking. Moreau will proceed to jump into the water after that revealing himself as the mysterious aquatic creature. Keep heading through the lone path on the left and make the jump to dry land. Make your way to the Gatehouse. Here you will find a set of instructions telling you how to activate the Sluice gates.

Turning on the Electricity to get to Moreau in Resident Evil 8

The instructions will read:

  • Move the windmills with a crank to start the electricity to the gatehouse.
  • Pull the lever in the gatehouse to open the sluice gate.

The First Windmill is already working, but it is the second one that has stopped. It can easily be accessed through the Gatehouse. However, when you get there you will find that the crank breaks. As if it would be that easy. What it also means is that you will have to get the crank from the first windmill.

So to make your way to the first windmill you will have to use all the floating debris only. Go in the water and you are very likely to be fish food. Keep going on top of the debris and onto the roofs of houses. Here you will see a huge structure secured with yellow tape. Cut these tapes to drop the structure into the water. Use it to cross the water and into a shack. Inside you will find a ladder. Go up this ladder and push the cart off the roof. Now to your left are a set of bridges you need to cross.

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Reservoir Bridge Puzzle

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

There will be a section in between where you will have to operate a puzzle of bridges. Get to the first blue lever and throw the switch. Quickly make it across the walkway and onto the next stable platform. Here, throw the orange switch and then hit the blue switch on the rickety platform to cross safely. After that, once you’re in the house, you will find three sets of switches. Operate them in the following order.

  • Blue 
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Now run as fast as you can as the bridges won’t hold for long. Take a right when you come to the junction and keep going. Wait for Moreau to cross and then continue further. Keep going and you will come across another cart you have to push into the water. Later keep following the road until you make it back to the house from where you accessed the bridges. Once you are there drop another cart into the water and cross over into the Windmill.

Operating the Windmills

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

Enter the windmill room and go all the way around. You will see a lock on the ladder. Shoot it and the ladder will come down. Using the ladder make your way to the top and go over to the crank of the Windmill. Attach the crank that you find there and rotate the platform around. Now, go back to the ladder opening and you will be able to climb to the top of the Windmill. Over here you will be able to find a zipline which goes to the second windmill. Use it to make your way across.

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

Once you are at the second windmill, use the crank on the platform again just like you did with the first. Now the Sluice gates will have electricity.

Opening the Sluice Gates

Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Get To Moreau

Make your way to the Gatehouse and into the control room. On the right, you will find a sheet indicating the order of the lights. Follow the instructions in the sheet. However, when you first pick up the sheet be sure to turn and adjust its position by bringing the antenna on the top. Now, click the lights until they flash in this order:

  • Blue, White, Orange
  • White, Orange, Black
  • Orange, Blue, Blue

Interact with the lever on the left and it will successfully open the Sluice gates. Having done this, go out of the Gatehouse and you will find Moreau in his transformed form walking through the drained village. Follow him and you will begin the boss fight against him.

This is everything you need to know about how to get to Moreau in Resident Evil Village. Here at Gamer Tweak, we are constantly posting about RE 8, so make sure you check out our Resident Evil Village Wiki to learn more about the game.