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Resident Evil Village: How To Set A Moroaica On Fire?

Here’s how you can set fire to Moroaica in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village is a vast game. Although the main storyline follows Ethan on his way to get his kidnapped child and find the murderer of his wife, there are a lot of side quests. With multiple game modes hinting towards the replayability of the game, everything can’t be accomplished in the first run itself. There are some tasks like Setting the Moroaica on fire which players might miss out on and kill it in any other manner. This will lead to you losing out on the “Medium rare trophy” so let’s see how to set fire to a Moroaica in Resident Evil Village.

How To Burn A Moroaica In Resident Evil Village?


Resident evil village Moroaica fire
You will have to burn the Moroaica using the Flaming goblet hanging from the ceiling. To get this trophy you will have to reach the point in the story where you get the crank. Use the Crank on the drawbridge to open it, after opening it cross the bridge and you’ll find a boat on the other side. Take the boat and at some distance, you will find a wooden walkway, leave the boat, and head to the walkway. While climbing up, take the stairs covered in snow on your right and they will lead you to a door. Open the door, walk down the stairs and you’ll have to open another door.

This door will lead you to a room with a Flaming goblet hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room, and at the four corners, there are Four big lamps. Shoot the hanging lamp to light up the other lamps. You will see a Moroaica screaming and coming towards you from a door on your right. Shoot at the goblet and position it in a way that it hits the Moroaica and burns it. This can take some shots so keep your distance from the Moroaica and position yourself well. We would recommend you head to the left side as this will align you, the goblet, and the Moroaica in the same line making things easier for you.

Now that you know how to set Fire to a Moroaica and not miss the Medium rare trophy in Resident Evil Village, do check out our Resident Evil Wiki to not miss out on anything else.