How to Escape Baby Fetus Monster in Resident Evil Village?

Does the baby loves you a lot, here is how you can run from your responsibilities.

Resident Evil Village is full of thrilling surprises. As Ethan struggles to find his daughter he has to dive deeper into the world of monsters. One of them is the Baby, who turns into an unwelcoming host. If you are unable to pass this level then read this guide. I will help you in escaping the Baby Monster in Resident Evil 8. I am going to add essential objects required to pass this level, or else you will always be overruled by the Baby Monster.

How to Escape the Baby Monster?

First, you cannot fight or kill this boss yet in the game. He is quietly moving around in the entire house and catches anyone on sight. The only way to escape Baby Monster is to hide. After entering the room with the skeleton doll go right and pass through the thin alley. On your right is a door with two symbols and one missing part. This room is filled with puzzles and you will have to gather some items. Here is the list and you can get these from Mia’s doll and some by exploring the room. Do not worry I will share all the locations of each item to find.

  1. Silver Key
  2. Winding Key
  3. Blood Covered Ring
  4. Tweezers
  5. Film
  6. Scissor
  7. Brass Medallion
  8. Breaker Box Key
  9. Relief of Child Statue
  10. Fuse

You can see the number of items you will need to find, some are hidden in the doll while some are found in rooms. Some items are will help you to progress to the next part of the game. Follow the steps below to reach the Baby Monster’s room.

RE 8 Doll Puzzle

Collect the following box first from the doll’s lap. The doll will disappear and you will see a live-size Mia’s wooden doll on the table. This is where you are going to find most of the items.

Right Shoulder & Left Eye:

RE 8 Silver Key

Examine the Right Shoulder first, move the hand to the extreme left to pull out the piece of wood. You will get the first item the Silver Key. Unlock the door on the right of the Radio using the key. Next, return to the doll and examine the photo near its head. Ethan finds this wooden doll is some kind of Mia’s replica. Examine the Left Eye, you will see a Symbol in it. This is one of the answers to the locked door.

Right Arm, Left Leg & Left Hand:

RE 8 Medallion Puzzle

Next, go towards the right shoulder once again and now examine the right arm. Lift the hand to the extreme left and remove it. The second answer to the locked door will be in the arm. Just remember the symbol.

RE 8 Winding Key

Next walk towards the left Leg, move your hands towards the knee. You will get the Winding key in it.  Collect the Wedding Ring from the left hand. Walk into the room you unlocked using the Silver Key and watch the ring in the sink. Examine the Ring, it has a number – 052911.

RE 8 Wedding Ring

The door you used to enter this room is locked. It has a lock that can only be unlocked via the above 6 Digit Code. Unlock the door keep walking, then turn right. A door will open up, the first one on the left.

RE 8 Music Box Puzzle

Enter this storage-type room and look for a Music box on the table. Place the Winding Key, next is to adjust the Cylinders to make it work. The above image will help you to solve the Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil Village. Adjust the cylinders and play it, collect the Tweezers.


RE 8 Projector Solution

Return to the Doll and Examine the Mouth. Using the Tweezers pull out the film from the mouth. This film is a solution to another puzzle. Return to the same Storage room, instead of going inside walk straight and turn left. You will see Lift on your right with another white door in the corner of the room. Go inside and now it’s time to fix the projector. You will have to arrange the films in a sequence to unlock a secret door. Walk into the room and look right, a doll is holding Scissors. Collect and cut the bandage below.


RE 8 Brass Medallion

As you exit and start walking away the phone rings. Pick up and then exit from left. Return to the doll and cut the bandage on the chest to collect the final item, the Brass Medallion. That’s it we are done with the doll. It time to meet the Baby Monster. Take the path on the left of the Radio, which will take you to the locked door.

RE 8 Medallion Puzzle

Se the first and the third symbol as showing in the image above. And it will open, it is a spooky passage. Walk down and then go down further into the well. Grab the Breaker Box Key from the bottom of the well and return to the doll room. You will see the entire room has changed.

How to Escape the Baby Monster?

RE 8 Child Statue

Walk near the Radio, and then return to the storage room area where you solved the Music Box puzzle to get Tweezers. The Baby Monster starts chasing you. He is slow, so lure him to the mannequin doll room.  Stand near the table and then run again towards the storage room hallway until you reach the Lift. Use the Breaker Box Key, to open the box on the left wall. Grab the Relief of Child statue from it.

Run into the projector room on the right of the lift and crawl through the small opening in the wall you used before after finding the scissors. There is no way you can avoid the baby in the hallway. Crawl through the broken wall and you will be in front of the telephone. Run left and take another left towards al docked door. Place the child statue to unlock this room. Thankfully there will be some light here, the first doo on left belongs to the Kitchen. Exit and then go to the bedroom, collect the fuse.

RE 8 Fuse

The baby will not chase you in light, but as you pull the fuse out you will be alone in the pitch dark room. Now comes the climax, return to the kitchen and take the stairs, the same path you used before. The baby will appear and will be really excited to hug you. Return to the Bedroom and hide under the bed.

RE 8 Escape Baby Monster

Just stay there until you see the baby crying on the floor. Exit from the backside and run towards the Lift to end this bad dream. Attached the fuse and press the lift button. Be ready to get some goosebumps the ending is pretty scary.

Ethan finally escapes the Baby Monster. The challenge here is to keep on playing in a fear of that weird baby. The sounds are terrifying. Hope the guide will help you in escaping the Baby Monster in Resident Evil 8. Do not forget to check our Resident Evil Village Wiki guide for more tips.