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Resident Evil Village: Location Of All The Bells In Atelier Room Of Dimitrescu Castle

Doesn't ring a bell where to ring the bell? Check this article for the bell locations in the Atelier Room in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village hasn’t failed to surprise us with their puzzles until now. Each with its own unique mechanism meaning in the game. Some clues make you search the maps over and over and some hide in plain sight. Along with being fun, these puzzles are actually the keys to progressing in the game. One such puzzle that you will encounter will be the bell puzzle in the Atelier Room of the Dimitrescu Castle. The objective of this puzzle is to find 5 bells and ring them to progress in the game. So in this guide, we will tell you the locations of all the five bells in the Atelier Room to make this Resident Evil Village puzzle easier for you.

How to Solve the Bell Puzzle in the Atelier Room inside Dimitrescu Castle in RE Village


Atelier Room

Once you have made it to the Atelier Room, you will see a painting on an easel on the right end of the room. As you approach this painting, you will notice a note on the top right of the painting saying ‘Let the five bells of this chamber ring out‘. Now evidently, you need to ring 5 bells in order to complete this puzzle. Thankfully, all the bells are within the Atelier room and you don’t have to go running around the entire castle.

Painting Note


Location of All the Bells in Atelier Room

You will know that you have successfully rung the bells when a fire will start on the top portion of the bells.

  • First Bell


Bell 1
The location of the First bell is pretty obvious and can be noticed as soon as you enter the room on the table. To ring this bell, you can simply slash it with your knife. It is located on the place marked below:

  • Second Bell

Bell Atelier Room Dimitrescu Castle
The Second bell can be found on a wooden cabinet with glass doors that is located against the wall where you entered from on the right-hand side. The bell is at the top of the cabinet so you will have to shoot it to ring it.


  • Third Bell

Third Bell Atelier Room Resident Evil Village
The third bell is attached to the outer clock of the room on the opposite side of the entrance. This bell will keep swinging. You can see a part of it in two different places. One when it swings all the way up through the small opening in the wall. And second when it is midway in the swing through the middle opening in the wall. Aim at it, wait for it to completely go up, and shoot to ring it.

  • Fourth bell

Location 4
The fourth bell is located on the chandelier of the roof and will not be visible from the ground of the Atelier room. Climb up the stairs that are on your left from the entrance Once there you can vaguely see the bell. Shoot the chandelier and you will better expose the bell to take a shot.

  • Fifth bell

Fifth Bell Atelier Room Resident Evil Village
Stay where you are after ringing the fifth bell and in the distance, you will see a glass window. Here you can notice that the final bell is located outside the glass window. Break the glass by shooting at the window, and then shoot the final bell.

Ringing all the bells will open the hidden door behind the huge painting of Lady Dimitrescu that was on the wall.

Atelier Room Resident Evil Village

So that is all for our guide on the locations of all the five bell inside the Atelier Room puzzle in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more about this game, we have a Re Village Wiki page that you might wanna check out.