How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village

9 foot Lady Dimitrescu would probably be better suited to the NBA than RE Village.

Lady Dimitrescu is the first boss battle you face in Resident Evil Village. And Spoiler Alert, she is gonna look very different towards the end of this. The boss battle with Lady Dimitrescu is pretty easy to get through, although it might keep you awake at night. And especially looking at the end Lady Dimitrescu does meet, we are pretty sure she would be better off dunking on LeBron James. Also, why are so many villains named in a variation of the word Dimitri?  Anyways, it is what is. So pack your pitchforks and scythes as we tell you how to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village.

How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village?

Towards the start of the game, you will come face to face with Lady Dimitrescu in the castle. This isn’t the actual boss battle but rather a game of Hide and Seek. However, if you do get caught, Lady Dimitrescu’s Wolverine-esque claws are sure to make easy work of Ethan’s human form. All you have to do is keep roaming the castle till you come across the Castle’s save point. Enter this room and Lady Dimitrescu will disappear.

The Real boss fight with Lady Dimitrescu begins at the end of the first part of Resident Evil Village. You will have to make your way to the chapel located at the top of the castle. Enter and keep going to the end where you will come across a coffin. Doing this will trigger a cutscene in which Ethan will pick up a knife from the coffin. Lady Dimitrescu suddenly appears behind him and stabs Ethan with her claws. In a rare moment of quick thinking, Ethan will use his new blade to stab Lady Dimitrescu back. This angers her and she throws Ethan out of the stained glass and onto the ledge. Also, the new knife you just got? Well, Ethan has butterfingers and he drops it. There goes all that effort. Anyways, the main part begins now.

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The actual Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight in RE Village

Resident Evil Village: How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu and her new braids.

Lady Dimitrescu morphs into a Flying Wyvern-type beast. She becomes a sort of bewinged monster with her body fused into the monster. After this, she will grab Ethan and fly off. She does seem to be in the mood for a fight as she will drop Ethan conveniently on one of the Castle’s terraces. Here is where the guns come in. Aim for Lady Dimitrescu’s figurine atop the monster’s body. That’s the only region where she will take damage. You can use your pistol although shotguns will deal more damage at a closer range.

Lady Dimitrescu rarely charges forward so just keep moving backwards by firing at her figure. There are various flasks around the castle’s terrace which contains ammo. If you are feeling slightly ruthless you can have a look at how to get Infinite Ammo. Briefly, Lady Dimitrescu will take flight and hover around the terrace. During this moment use the Sniper Rifle to your benefit. The Sniper Rifle will deal extensive damage and will also keep you at a good distance. Plus you get the accuracy of using the scope.

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While you are fighting Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil she will also release bugs during the fight. These will constantly attack you by biting you or scraping you. The only way to avoid them is to keep sprinting around and they will eventually vanish. This might happen two to three times during the boss fight.

Towards the end of the fight, you make your way to the top of a tower in the castle. This marks the ending of the fight. It is here that Lady Dimitrescu will be very close to you and will use her monster to attack you. You can feel this is the final stage of the fight as the intensity ramps up. However, just keep your shotgun ready and keep blasting away at her figure. There are more flasks in this area that will contain some ammo that you can use.

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Eventually, Lady Dimitrescu will give up and that will be the end of this battle. Ethan and Lady Dimitrescu will fall through the roof in a cutscene and she will eventually vanish away into an ash-like form. Infinity war anyone? This marks the end of the first part and you will have successfully beat Lady Dimitrescu.

This is everything you need to know about how to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. We will be extensively covering RE Village here at Gamer Tweak, so make sure you bookmark our RE Village Wiki page to stay up to date on the game!