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How To Defeat Nargacuga In Monster Hunter Rise

A complete guide on Nargacuga's Attacks, Player defenses for those attacks, and ways to beat this Monster.

Here we go again with another monster in MHR that just won’t go down. Nargacuga it is this time. You will encounter this Flying Wyvern in Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest. She is a sight to dread. With red scary eyes and jet black fur that reeks of havoc, this is not a walk in the park. But, we have got together all you need to know about how to kill the Nargacuga boss in Monster Hunter Rise in this guide. It will not only help you gain insight into this large monster but will also help you develop a perfect strategy to take her down.

How to Beat and Kill Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise


You can kill Nargacuga boss in Monster Hunter Rise by learning her attacks and developing a strategy to attack mentioned below.

Nargacuga boss fight

Knowing Your Enemy


It is very important to first get to know this ferocious monster. It is known for its speed and will come at you in a blink of an eye. The monster is resistant to water and ice. Her weaknesses are thunder and fire. Nargacuga in MHR is a monster of the shadows and has sharp hearing abilities.

Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga attacks


Nargacuga in MHR has a normal state and an enraged state. The latter is evident as she will have red eyes in that state as opposed to just black ones in the normal state. She uses her tail constantly for attacks.

Below listed are her attacks:

Single attacks


  • Tail Spin moves – Cover midrange circle around herself.
  • Tail slam type 1 – Slams the tail on the ground once.
  • Tail slam type 2 – Slams the tail on the ground twice.
  • Tail spikes – Shoots spikes from her tail causing bleeding on hits.

Combo attacks

  • Fast-paced biting attacks.
  • Forward pounce and a backflip.
  • Jumps.

Player Strategy To Kill The Nargacuga Boss In MHR

Defeat Nargacuga Boss Monster Hunter Rise

As a general tip, she is most vulnerable with blunt damage on her head which will give you 70 damage. Use Sonic bombs and at times Pitfall traps. Remember, she is immune to pitfall traps unless she is in an enraged state. Just keep dodging her attacks and most of them can be dodged sideways as the player may not get enough time to move forward or backward given her speed.

Now, starting with the tailspin move, this move is fast but covers a relatively low range of area around herself so just keep your distance with this one. Both the tail slams can be dodged as most of her attacks. A point to note is that after her tail slam, her tail will be stuck in the ground for a short period. Use this opportunity while she is stuck to attack her.

Nargacuga Tail Spike Attack
Tail spike is the only ranged attack she has. Again, keep your distance as this attack will cause bleeding. Tail spikes stay on the ground for a while so make sure you dodge them too as they are still active on the ground and will cause bleeding if they come in contact with your hunter. Since the monster is fast, she will jump in an arc and land behind you in her Forward pounce and a backflip attack which will blindside you. This will be a disadvantage as you will not be able to see her on the screen so be quick to turn your camera around.

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Cues and Attack Hints Given By The Boss

Beat Nargacuga Boss Monster Hunter Rise

There are numerous sound cues before she is about to attack so a little concentration will make it very easy to catch the cue and act accordingly. For example, she will make a rattling sound from the tail before the tail slam. In addition to that, she has a cooldown time where she just repositions herself for an attack and this is for all her attacks. So even though she is fast with attacks, you will usually see the attacks coming.

All of the above combined, it should be relatively easy to defeat our lady here. Her moves once learned, are predictable. So that is all for our guide on how to kill Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise. For more MHR tips and tricks, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.