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How To Get 100% Affinity In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Find out how to get 100% Affinity in MHR.

Affinity is your Critical Strike chance in Monster Hunter Rise. You can even boost Affinity up to 100% in MH Rise. Having Affinity for weapons can help in increasing Critical Strike chance by up to 25%. Critical Strikes sap more HP from monsters in the game. A high-Affinity rank will make it easier to kill the different monsters in the game. To boost Affinity to 100% you will need to mix and match certain weapons and armor sets. Find out how to get 100% Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise by scrolling below.

How to increase Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)


How to get 100% Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise
Boost your Affinity by using weapons made from Nargacuga.
  • To increase Affinity make sure you have a weapon with a good base Affinity.
  • Your best bet to get to 100% Affinity is using Nargacuga weapons with Zinogre or Barioth Armor Sets.
  • Some high-tier weapons have 0 Affinity or even Negative Affinity as they have good damage stats overall.
  • Nargacuga weapons have a good base Affinity.
  • If you add a White-level sharpness the damage will multiply by 1.3.
  • Critical Eye and Weakness Exploit are two of the skills that help to boost Affinity.
  • Each point of Critical Eye will add 5% Affinity to your armor build.
  • This Affinity can go to 40% if you have Critical Eye Level 7.
  • 3 points of Weakness Exploit will add 50% Affinity for weak attacks.
  • Every single point of Latent Power skill boosts Affinity by 10% for two minutes.
  • This can be boosted further to get a 50% Affinity boost.
  • Critical Draw will boost Affinity by 40% for a limited time.

Skills that will help you to get 100% Affinity in MH Rise


  • Affinity Sliding: Sliding will increase your affinity for a short duration.
  • Agitator: Will increase attack power and affinity when large monsters become angry.
  • Critical Draw: Will increase affinity for a short duration after performing a draw attack.
  • Critical Eye: Will increase affinity.
  • Latent Power: Will temporarily increase affinity and reduce stamina usage in certain conditions.
  • Maximum Might: Will increase affinity if stamina is full for a period of time.
  • Weakness Exploit: This Will increase the affinity of attacks that exploit a monster’s weak spot.

This is everything you need to know about how to get 100% Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here find out how to send Meowcenaries on missions by unlocking the submarines. You can even learn about the secret Sub-Camps in MHR.