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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock More Submarines At The Argosy

Here's a quick guide on how to complete the Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation side quests

Submarina Slots play a pivotal role in Monster Hunter Rise but players have only one at the beginning. Similar to Sub-Camps, players have an option to unlock more Submarines in MH Rise. For the unversed, Submarines allows hunters to gather items that you will need to complete quests — Requests Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation.

There are thousands of MH Rise players who have been having trouble unlocking more Submarines and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you everything covered.


In this guide, we will break down everything about Submarines, including how to unlock more submarines at the Argosy, and complete the Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation requests for Rodine. Once you are done completing these two quests, you will have to speak with Rondine. When you do this, she will get you a new Submarine unlocked.

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How To Complete Cultural Exchange


To complete the Cultural Exchange quest in Monster Hunter Rise, you will have to find 3 Wisplanterns and 3 Boatshells. For the uninformed, Wisplantern — which are considered Account Items —  can only be gathered in the Shrine Ruins and that’s the reason why you don’t have a single Wisplanterns in your inventory.

Boatshells, on the other hand, can be found randomly upon searching through an Oyster Bed on a High-Rank Expedition Tour of the Frost Islands.

How To Complete Economic Stimulation


To complete the Economic Stimulation quest, you will need to find 1 King Rhino, 3 Rock Roses, and 3 Bismuth Prisms.

  • To find King Rhinos in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to head over to the peak of the Pyramid located in Region 3 of the Flooded Forest. Before heading over to that location, make sure you have crafted Barrel Bomb by combining a fire herb and a small barrel. Use it to open the crumbled door located at the top of the Pyramid.
  • To find Rock Roses, you will need to head over to Sandy Plains on a High-rank Expedition Tour. Once you get to the location, search for a desert rose gathering location. Since these items are randomly found, make sure to keep searching in that location until you get your hands on Rock Roses.
  • To find Bismuth Prisms in MH Rise, you will have to go to the Lava Caverns on a High-Rank Expedition Tour. Similar to Rock Roses, Bismuth Prisms are randomly spawned, make sure to keep searching until you get the required Bismuth Prisms.

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How to Unlock More Submarine Slots In MH Rise

Here are all Submarine slots and how to unlock them in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • First Slot: The first Submarine Slot will only be unlocked once you have completed the first Village Hub Urgent quest after your 1-Star Key Quests. The first slot will get unlocked once you hit HR2 by completing the first Gathering Hub Urgent Quest.
  • Second Slot: To get the second Submarine Slot unlocked, players will need to complete the 3-Star Village Urgent Quest to get the Request Cultural Exchange.
  • Third Slot: To get the third Submarine Slot unlocked, players will need to hit High Rank (H4) by completing the 3-Star Gathering Hub Key Quest and then the 4-Star Urgent Quest to get the Quest Economic Stimulation.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock all Submarine Slots and complete the Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation requests for Rodine. While you are here, make sure to check out How To Pet The Dog in Monster Hunter Rise right here on Gamer Tweak.