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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Pet The Dog

Here's how to pet the Dog in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Share a wonderful moment with your Palamute partner (Buddy) by petting it.

Palamutes are an integral part of MHR – your dog is your loyal companion through thick and thin. Your buddy can be your Mount and your dependable ally in battle. So, they not only help you traverse the lands much faster, they also go into full offensive mode at the target. That’s a lot of work and if you want to go ahead and show some love and kindness to your partner, it’s possible to pet the Palamute. How to pet the dog in Monster Hunter Rise, you ask? Here’s how.

How to Pet the Dog (Palamute) in Monster Hunter Rise


how to pet palamute monster hunter rise

To pet your Dog in MHR (that is your Palamute) follow these steps:

  • Press a direction button on the D-pad and get your dog to Wait.
  • Once that is done, press A to pet your Buddy.


There are other options that will also appear along with petting and they are Shake (X) and Give Treat (Y). Choose them to make your companion feel even more loved.

Moreover, you can also Play (Y) and give them a High Five (X). Very Cute! And yes, it works for Cats (Palicoes) as well.

It is not yet known if increasing your bonding/friendship level with your buddies changes anything in the game. But it sure does feel good to have a sweet moment with your companions who work hard for you in the game.


So, that’s all about how to pet the Dog in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). This was pretty easy to do but there’s lots more that can confuse you in the game. To make things easier for you, we’ve got many MH Rise guides for you on Gamer Tweak so check them out right away!