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Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza Guide: Pet Caring Tips

Buddy Plaza is an important location in the game. Here is what you can do there.

Monster Hunter Rise is a kind of open-world game, but everything begins at the base. You can invite other players, find a new quest, play daily challenges, etc. The base also has a Buddy Plaza, a zone dedicated to the buddies. You can switch to a different buddy before going on a quest and do other things here. Here is a guide on where to find Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise and how to take care of your pets?

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza Location


Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza

Buddy Plaza is a dedicated area for pets, where you can engage with them. Switch between types of pets i.e. Palicoes and Palamutes and do more. Buddy Plaza is located on the east end of the map, at the right of the Fugen the Elder. Cross the bridge and talk to Lori (the Buddy Handler) on the right of the dummy monster statue.

Interacting with Lori will unlock a separate menu where you will different options.


  1. Hire – Hire Buddies found by Buddy Handler Lori.
  2. Scout a Buddy – Scout a Buddy based on certain criteria.
  3. Rename Buddy
  4. Dismiss Buddy
  5. Chitchat

Monster Hunter Rise Scout Buddy

Scout a Buddy is the section that provides you detailed customization of pets. First, you will have to select one from Palicoes and Palamutes. More options open up like in the screenshot above. You can modify your buddy’s appearance from here.


Monster Hunter Rise Scout Buddy

The hire option allows you to get new buddies with a higher level. Depending on your current level and the funds you have, you can get a new stronger buddy. On the right is the Buddy Infobox that offers details on its gear slot, skill memory, etc. You can grab stronger buddies as you level up in the game. They can help you a lot during battle time. From finding monsters to giving you support in the fight.

How to Train Buddies in Monster Hunter Rise?


Monster Hunter World Buddy Expert

Buddy Experts sits on the right opposite of Lori. On the left of the buddy board. Talk to the expert to train your buddies to level up. The training menu will allow you the type of training and points you will earn. Also, you can select the type of buddy to train. Setup the training rounds and add the buddies to the same. If you are unsure which one requires an upgrade hit Auto-select buddies.

On the right end of Lori’s sit’s the Felyne Chief Kogarashi who manages Meowcenaries, a different group of buddies. Meowcenaries are recon squad, they can help you to collect materials and earn Kamura points in exchange. You can use Kamura points for Buddy Dojo to boost their experience and level. Argosy, a merchant who stands in front of the ship. You can use the merchant to find rare items. You can also send your buddy in a submarine to collect items. The last one is the Buddy board that offers you an option to pick the best buddy you want on the quest.

Buddy Plaza is a dedicated spot for buddies. You can customize their appearance, get a new buddy, build Buddy Dojo, etc.  Having a good ally plays a big role in the battle, you are going to face monsters. Any help is good enough to survive.