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Best Palico Support Type In Monster Hunter Rise

Here are our recommendations on the Best Palico Support Type in Monster Hunter Rise.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you get a companion called Palico who will be your support during your fights against monsters and otherwise as well. Naturally, players are searching for the Best Palico Support Type since there are multiple classes or types of buddies. Each of them has a different forte. To find the best Palico Support Type in Monster Hunter Rise, keep reading this guide.

Best Palico Support Type in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)


Can you Change Palico Support Type

There are five Palico Support Types in MHR and they are Assist, Bombardier, Fight, Gathering and Healer. Based on your requirement and playstyle, you can choose the class best suited for you. It is dependent on the kind of hunt you are going to go on as well as the weapons you have. Let’s look at what comes with every type right here:

All Palico Support Types in MHR


  • Assist: As the name suggests, this Palico Support Type will assist you during fights by placing traps that can hinder the movement of the monster. At these moments, you can get many benefits and chances to attack.
  • Bombardier: Instead of Traps, this Support Type will set off bombs to attack the monsters you are trying to fight. With explosives, hunting down the monster becomes easier especially when the monsters are heavily armored and other attacks don’t work.
  • Fight: Need a fighter to fight next to you? This Support Type will do exactly that. If you think that you need a strong ally during combat and they will also get attack boosts while they are at it.
  • Gathering: This one has a unique power where they can collect precious items while you are traveling around in the map. So if you think you might miss out on any valuables and high quality items, you can go for this Support Type. This will come in handy when you need rare materials while crafting some awesome gear.
  • Healer: The title says it all. This Palico will help you heal if you take too much damage during combat. If you are newly getting into this genre or into the Monster Hunter franchise, then this is the Best Palico Support Type you can go for. Your recovery becomes much easier when you have this companion around.

So, making the right decision with your Support Type is crucial. If you are a new player, Healer is the best Palico Support Type whereas Assist will work best if you think you will face difficulty while setting up traps. And if your playstyle is best suited with Bombardier, Fight or Gathering, go ahead and choose those. It is all up to you.

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